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Palazzo Venezia, Naples

The Palazzo Venezia is a historical building Via Benedetto Croce 19 in Naples, Italy, a section of a street, Spaccanapoli. It is next to three other important buildings of Naples: Filomarino Palace, Carafa della Spina Palace and Petrucci Palace. ...


Palazzo Liviano

The Liviano Palace aka is a building in Padua of the twentieth century, located in the capital of the old area of the city: it was built incorporating in its structure the remains of the Capitanio palace. Named in honor of the historian Tito Livi ...


Palazzo Lanfreducci

The Palazzo Lanfreducci, also called the Palazzo Upezzinghi after 19th century owners, or the Palazzo Alla Giornata is a late-Mannerist- or early Baroque-style palace located on Lungarno Pacinotti #43, on the north bank of the Arno river, in the ...


Palazzotto Specola, Pisa


Palazzo Puccini, Pistoia

The Palazzo Puccini is a former aristocratic palace located at Via Can Bianco in central Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. The palace is now used as a boutique guest house/residence.


Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi

The Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi is a villa in Porta Pinciana, Rome, Italy. Measuring 2.200 square meters, it is all that remains of a country retreat, best known as Villa Ludovisi, established in the 16th century by Cardinal Francesco Ma ...


Palazzo del Commendatore, Rome


Palazzo Gabrielli-Mignanelli

Palazzo Gabrielli-Mignanelli is a late-Renaissance palace in Rome, overlooking Piazza Mignanelli and Piazza di Spagna. The palace was built around 1575 by Alessandro Moschetti for count Girolamo Gabrielli, of a noble family from Gubbio. The chose ...


Palazzo Mancini

The Palazzo Mancini is a palazzo in Rome, Italy. From 1737 to 1793 it was the second home of the French Academy in Rome. It is located on Via del Corso, about a block north of Piazza Venezia.


Palazzo Nuñez-Torlonia

Palazzo Nuñez-Torlonia is a palace in Rome, central Italy, the current home of the Torlonia family. The palace was built in 1660 by Giovanni Antonio De Rossi for the marquis Francisco Nuñez-Sanchez. In 1806 the palace was acquired by prince Lucie ...


Palazzo Valentini

Palazzo Valentini is a palazzo in central Rome, Italy, not far from Piazza Venezia. Since 1873 it has been the base of the provincial and prefectural administration of Rome.


Palazzo Bichi Buonsignori


Palazzo del Magnifico

Palazzo del Magnifico, also known as Palazzo Petrucci, built as the residence of Pandolfo Petrucci, is located in Siena on Piazza San Giovanni at the corner of Via dei Pellegrini.


Palazzo Turchi

The Palazzo Turchi, also called the Palazzo dei Diavoli, is a castle-like structure located outside the city wall of Siena, near Porta Camollia between Viale Cavour e via Fiorentina.


Ca Bembo

Ca Bembo is a grade-listed sixteenth-century palazzo in the parish of San Trovaso in the sestiere of Dorsoduro in Venice, Italy, noteworthy for a particularly large garden. It has, despite its name, no clear connection with the Bembo family, but ...


Palazzo Benzi Zecchini, Venice

The Palazzo Girardi Zecchini or Benzi Zecchini all Madonna dellOrto is a 15th-century palace located near the church of Madonna dellOrto in the sestiere of Cannaregio of Venice, Italy.


Palazzo Contarini-Sceriman, Venice

The Palazzo Contarini-Sceriman, also called Palazzo Seriman ai Gesuiti is a 14th-century palace in the Sestiere of Cannaregio of Venice, Italy. It is located near the church of the Gesuiti.


Palazzo Ferro Fini

The Palazzo Ferro Fini is a historical building in Venice, Italy. It was originally two buildings, the Palazzo Morosini Ferro and the Palazzo Flangini Fini, which were combined into one in the 1860s to create a luxury hotel, the New York. The hot ...


Palazzo Foscari Contarini

Palazzo Foscari Contarini is a Renaissance style palace in Venice Italy, in the sestiere of Santa Croce, facing the Grand Canal, near the Ponte degli Scalzi and Palazzo Adoldo.


Palazzo Labia

Palazzo Labia is a baroque palace in Venice, Italy. Built in the 17th–18th century, it is one of the last great palazzi of Venice. Little known outside of Italy, it is most notable for the remarkable frescoed ballroom painted 1746–47 by Giovanni ...


Palazzo Malipiero

Palazzo Malipiero is a palace in Venice, Italy. It is located on the Grand Canal in the central Campo San Samuele. It stands just across from Palazzo Grassi Exhibition Center. The adjacent Italian-style garden with a view on the Grand Canal, a ra ...


Palazzo Marcello dei Leoni

The Palazzo Marcello dei Leoni is a palace located between the Rio di San Tomà e Palazzo Dolfin, on the Grand Canal in the sestiere di San Polo in the city of Venice, Italy.


Palazzi Mocenigo

The Palazzi Mocenigo consist of the following complex of palazzos on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy: Palazzo Mocenigo Casa Vecchia Palazzo Mocenigo Casa Nuova Palazzo Mocenigo detto "il Nero" The palazzos are named after the Mocenigo family, se ...


Palazzo Morosini Gatterburg

The Palazzo Morosini Gatterburg, also referred to as the Palazzo Morosini at Santo Stefano, is a 17th-century palace facing the Campo Santo Stefano in the sestiere of San Marco, Venice, Italy. The palace, bought by the Morosini family in 1628, wa ...


Palazzo Cappello Layard

The Palazzo or Ca Cappello Layard is a palace situated in the sestiere of San Polo of Venice, Italy, overlooking the Grand Canal at the confluence between this and the smaller Rio di San Polo and Rio delle Erbe. On the Grand canal, it is located ...


Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico

The Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico is a palace located on the Canal Grande of Venice, between the Rio di San Felice and Palazzo Miani Coletti Giusti in the Sestiere of Cannaregio, Venice, Italy.


Palazzo Pisani

Palazzo Pisani may refer to one of the follow Venetian palazzos: Palazzo Pisani a San Stefano, 17th-century palace on Campo Santo Stefano in the San Marco sestiere, city-owned and home to the Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello di Venezia ...


Palazzo Salviati (Dorsoduro)

Palazzo Salviati is a palace on the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro district in Venice, northern Italy. It is situated between the Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff and Palazzo Orio Semitecolo


Palazzo Fortuny


Palazzo Trevisan Cappello

The façade of Palazzo Pisani Moretta is an example of Venetian Rinascimento: it has 37 windows, including three six-light windows. The ground floor has three pointed on to the canal. There are a lot of elegant marble decorations.


Palazzo Trevisan Pisani

The palace belonged originally to the Trevisan family, a branch of which lived in this parish in the fourteenth century. In 1661 it was occupied by Antonio and David Trevisan. By the early part of the eighteenth century it was owned and occupied ...


Palazzo Venier dei Leoni


Carli Palace of Verona

The building was commissioned by Marquis Giuseppe Della Torre in the second half of the 18th century. At his death in 1778, he left the building to his wife Elena Carli. A few years later, her brother Count Alessandro Carli rebuilt the palace imp ...


SantAlessandro della Croce, Bergamo

The church was erected in 1675 at the site of a prior church. The design is attributed to the Trezzini family. The church was complete by 1737, but the facade was not only complete until 1922, in a project by Virgilio Muzio. Among the works insid ...


SantAlessandro in Colonna

A church at the site dates to paleo-Christian times, however after a collapse of the structure in 1447, the church was rebuilt followed by restorations between the late 17th and 18th centuries. Outside stands an ancient Roman Column, recomposed i ...


San Benedetto, Bergamo

San Benedetto is a Renaissance-style, Roman Catholic church located in Via SantAlessandro #51 in Bergamo, region of Lombardy, Italy. The church was designed in 1500s by Pietro Isabello. The church was refurbished in 1756 - 1757. It acquired at th ...


San Michele al Pozzo Bianco

San Michele al Pozzo Bianco is a church in the upper town of Bergamo, on a small piazza of the same name, near Porta Sant’Agostino, on Via Porta Dipinta. The church is now in a corner next to the frescoed house of the vicar, entered by a large ro ...


Santo Spirito, Bergamo

The church was founded in the 1300s by Cardinal Guglielmo Longo, along with an adjacent hospital and a convent of the Celestine order of Benedictines. In 1475, it was allocated to the Canons Regular of the Lateran. In the early 1500s it was refur ...


Cimitero delle Ballodole

Cimitero delle Ballodole was in Florence in the homonymous resort, about a mile south of the current Cimitero di Trespiano. The Ballodole the popular contraction of Val di Lodole was the first cemetery created in Florence for the burial of ordina ...


Cimitero di Soffiano

Cimitero di Soffiano is a cemetery located in Florence. The main entrance is located at the corner between Soffiano and Guardavalle.


Cimitero di Trespiano

The Cimitero di Trespiano is a cemetery along the Via Bolognese near Florence, Italy, named after the hamlet of Trespiano in the hills north of Fiesole.


Villa Corsini a Castello

The origin of the building dates back to 15th century, when it was a rural mansion for the Strozzi family. Later on it was owned by the Rinieri family, and during the 16th century Niccolo Tribolo designed here his first garden, before Boboli. In ...


Villa Feri

Villa Feri is a villa in Florence, central Italy. It is known as "gentlemans villa" already in the 15th century. The first known documents about this villa date back to 1472, when Agostino di Lotto Tanini and Agnolo di Zanobi Da Diacceto sold it ...


Villa Pandolfini

The villa was commissioned by Battista Pandolfini and built in the late 15th century 1485–1488 to a design attributed to Desiderio da Settignano. The Pandolfini family already owned the medieval tower that is currently in front of the main entran ...


Villa Pitiana

Villa Pitiana is situated at 430 Meters above sea level and its structure divides the last olive groves of Valdarno from the centuries-old trees of the Vallombrosa. On 3 July 1039 the Abbess Itta of the convent of Saint Ellero donated the land in ...


Villa Castelbarco, Vaprio dAdda

Villa Castelbarco is a rural palace described as a villa di delizia which translates as villa of delights, located just west of the Martesana canal and Adda river, just north of the town of Vaprio dAdda, in the region of Lombardy, Italy.


Churches in Naples

Christianity and religion in general has always been an important part of the social and cultural life of Naples. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Naples, and the Catholic faith is highly important to the people of Naples and there are hundre ...


SantEligio dei Chiavettieri

SantEligio dei Chiavettieri is a Roman Catholic church in Naples, Italy, located at the intersection of via Cesare Sersale and vicoletto Chiavettieri al Pendino.


San Gennaro al Vomero

San Gennaro al Vomero is a Neoclassic-style church, located on the corner of via Solimena and via Giovanni Bernini, near the piazza Vanvitelli in Naples, Italy. In part due to the 19th century urban renewal of Naples, the parish of San Gennaro al ...


Santa Maria Ancillarum

Santa Maria Ancillarum is a Roman Catholic church in Naples, Italy. Its most notable artwork is The Birth of the Virgin Mary by Giacinta Sacchetti. The origin of its name and the date of its foundation are both unknown. It may derive from the fem ...

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