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Mesozoic mammals of Madagascar

A few mammals known from the Mesozoic of Madagascar. In Batskih Ambondro, known from a piece of jaw with three teeth, is the earliest known mammal with molars showing modern tribosphenic pattern that is characteristic of marsupial and placental m ...


Plesiosaurs of Africa


Pterosaurs of Africa


Jurassic tetrapods of Africa


Triassic tetrapods of Africa


Methodist missionaries in Australia


Methodist missionaries in Fiji


Methodist missionaries in New Zealand


Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma


Methodist churches in Queensland


Greater Isfahan Region

Large Metropolitan area of Isfahan is the capital region in Isfahan province, Central Iran. This region, although having no official designation and recognition, is the second largest in Iran, the capital Tehran. In General, the region has a popu ...


Fukuoka metropolitan area


Kitakyushu metropolian area


Kobe metropolitan area


Kumamoto metropolitan area


Maebashi metropolitan area


Niigata metropolitan area


Okayama metropolitan area


Osaka metropolitan area


Sendai metropolitan area


Shizuoka metropolitan area


Urban Employment Area

The area of urban employment is the determination of Metropolitan areas, defined by the center for spatial information service of the University of Tokyo. The Japan Ministry of economy, trade and industry identified 233 site for UEAs Japan. This ...


Utsunomiya metropolitan area


Aguadilla–Isabela–San Sebastian metropolitan area

In Ponce–Rico–San Sebastian metro is Bureau the United States census defined Metropolitan statistical area in the North-West of Puerto Rico. From 1 July 2009, according to the census Bureau placed the population in 342.495, an increase of 9.56% c ...


Mayaguez metropolitan area

In the Mayaguez Metropolitan statistical area is the census Bureau of the United States defined Metropolitan statistical area in the West Central part of Puerto Rico. From 1 July, according to the Bureau of the census in 2009 put the population a ...


Ponce metropolitan area

Ponce Metropolitan statistical area is a Bureau of the US census defined statistical area in the South-Central part of Puerto Rico. July 1 estimates of the Bureau of the census in 2009 put the population at 262.414, at 0.95% compared to the 2000 ...


San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area

This article is about the "San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area" comprising forty-one municipalities. The "San Juan metropolitan area" includes the immediate surrounding municipalities of Bayamon, Carolina, Cataño, Guaynabo, and Trujillo Al ...


Yauco metropolitan area

In Yauco Metropolitan statistical area is a Bureau of the US census defined statistical area in southwest Puerto Rico. From 1 July, according to the Bureau of the census in 2009 put the population at 125.266, an increase of 6.10% compared to the ...


Aguadilla–Isabela–San Sebastian metropolitan area


Fajardo metropolitan area


Guayama metropolitan area


Mayaguez metropolitan area


Ponce metropolitan area


San German–Cabo Rojo metropolitan area


San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area


Yauco metropolitan area


Greater Goiania

Area of Goiania Metropolitan, popularly known as the big Goiania, it is a agglomeration of cities around goiânia, capital of the Brazilian state of Goias.


Greater Rio de Janeiro

More Rio de Janeiro, officially Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan area is a large Metropolitan area located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the second largest in Brazil and third largest in South America. It consists of 22 municipalities, including the ca ...


Triangulo Mineiro

In Triangulo Mineiro is a district in the West of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is one of the 10 planning regions of the state. Its area is 93.500 km 2 and is bordered by the Serra da Canastra and Marcela in the East, são Paulo, South of Goias in the ...


Vale do Aço metropolitan area

Vale Aço Metropolitan region is a Metropolitan area in Minas Gerais state, Brazil, consisting of only four municipalities of Coronel fabriciano, Ipatinga, Santana do Paraiso and Timoteo, but have the effect of 22 other municipalities.


Metropolitan areas of São Paulo


Napier Mountains

Mount Napier is a group of closely located to each other peaks, the highest mountain in Elkins, about 2.300 meters above sea level. This mountain range is located on the Enderby Land, in the claimed Australian Antarctic territory, East Antarctica.


Scott Mountains (Antarctica)

Mountain Scott, a large number of isolated peaks lying South of Amundsen Bay in Enderby Land of East Antarctica, Antarctica. Discovered on 13 January 1930 the British Australian and new Zealand Antarctic research expedition under sir Douglas Maws ...


Athos Range

Athos range, the northernmost range in the Prince Charles mountains Mac. Robertson Land, Antarctica. The range consists of many individual mountains and nunataki that trend East-West for 40 km along the North side of Scylla glacier. These mountai ...


Prince Charles Mountains

Mountains Prince Charles are a major group of mountains in Mac. Robertson Land in Antarctica, including the Athos range, the Porthos range, and the Aramis range. The highest peak is mount Menzies. Other famous peaks of mount Izabelle and mount St ...


Executive Committee Range

The Executive Committee range is a mountain range consisting of five major volcanoes, which trends North-South for 80 km along the 126th Meridian West, in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. The full range was discovered in a U.S. Antarctic expedition o ...


McCuddin Mountains

McCuddin mountains is a small cluster of mountains in Antarctica consisting mainly of two large mountains, mount Flint and mount Petras, along with several scattered peaks and nunataki. Is located in the Land Marie Byrd, 64 km to the East of the ...


Belgica Mountains

Belgica mountains is an isolated chain of mountains about 10 miles long, standing 60 miles East-South-East from the mountains of Sør-Rondane in the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. The chain was discovered by the Belgian Antarctic expedition under ...


Gjelsvik Mountains

Gjelsvik mountains are a group of mountains about 25 nautical miles between the mountains Sverdrup and Muhlig-Hofmann mountains of Queen Maud Land in East Antarctica. From its summit at 2.705 meters, Risemedet massive mountain forms the highest p ...


Langhovde Hills

In Langhovde hills, an extensive area of bare rocky hills along the Eastern shore of Lutzow-Holm Bay, in the Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. They are located to the South of the Bay hovde Hotell. They were mapped by Norwegian cartographers from aeri ...

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