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Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 2)

The second series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 7 May 2006. It had an average of 804.000 people watching, more than the first series, and up to a million tuned into the finale. Rebecca Nicholson was the only dancer to be part of the seri ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 3)

The third series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 10 April 2007, with both Gunn and Lane coming back to host. All judges were back with the exception of Paul Mercurio who wanted to focus more on the Australian version of Dancing with the St ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 4)

The fourth series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 26 February 2008. The contestants were announced in two groups of four in December 2007 and January 2008.


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 5)

The fifth series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on TV One on 3 March 2009. All four judges from series 4 returned. On its opening night, over 800.000 people tuned in to watch the first show premiere. Rebecca Hobbs is sister to Christopher Ho ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 6)

The sixth series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 31 May 2015 on TV3, and was hosted by Dominic Bowden and Sharyn Casey. Stefano Olivieri, Hayley Holt, and Candy Lane were the series judges; Lane served as the head judge. Since removing the ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 7)

The seventh series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 29 April 2018 on Three, and was hosted by Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey. Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, Julz Tocker, and Rachel White are the series judges; Sacre-Dullerup serves as the head judge ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand series 8)

The eighth series of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 14 April 2019 on Three, and is hosted by Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey. Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, Julz Tocker, and Rachel White all returned as the series judges, with Sacre-Dullerup serving a ...


Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand TV series) winners


Electronic body music compilation albums


Freestyle music compilation albums


Breakcore albums


Gabber albums


Speedcore albums


Moombahcore EPs


2 Bad Mice

2 Bad Mice are an English breakbeat hardcore group, composed of Sean OKeeffe, Simon Colebrooke, and Rob Playford, the latter the owner of the Moving Shadow record label. 2 Bad Mice are credited as among the first UK hardcore acts to begin incorpo ...


Baby D (dance group)

The group was formed by Production House Records, a record label set up in 1987 by former recording artist Phil Fearon, whose group Galaxy had a number of hits in the 1980s. Involved with the rave scene, Production Houses in-house record producer ...


The Criminal Minds

The Criminal Minds were a British hip hop group first formed in Milton Keynes, UK in 1985, who would later have success with breakbeat hardcore music during the peak of the early-mid 1990s UK rave scene.


Dream Frequency

Dream Frequency are an English techno band, formed in Preston, Lancashire. One of the projects of the late 1980s, founded Ian Bland, with American singer Debbie Sharp they performed initially at local events in the English rave clubs such as Shel ...



Destroid is a dubstep supergroup and live dubstep band consisting of Excision, Downlink, and Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka, with collaboration from Space Laces and Ajapai. The band released two singles and two albums on their independent label, Destr ...


True Tiger

True Tiger are a dubstep/grime production group, formerly composed of Sukh Knight, Gowers, Carly Bond, Blue Bear, Stanza & Chunky. The group disbanded in early 2014 and now consists of just Stanza.


Evil Activities

Evil Activities is a hardcore techno music DJ group formed in 1998 in the Netherlands. The two original members were Telly Luyks and Kelly van Soest, however it now only consists of Kelly van Soest. In 2016, E-Life joined Evil Activities. Evil Ac ...


Sonic Subjunkies

Sonic Subjunkies was a German Digital Hardcore band based in Berlin, best known for releasing records on Digital Hardcore Recordings.


Together (British band)

Together were an English electronic/rave group, best known for their hit single "Hardcore Uproar", which made number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1990.


Digital hardcore music groups


Divas of Dance

Divas of Dance is a Dutch dance act made up of Anita Doth, Linda Estelle and Desiree "DesRay" Manders.



Levinhurst is an independent music band formed by British musician Lol Tolhurst, a founding member of The Cure, and his wife Cindy Levinson. Levinson provides vocals while Tolhurst writes the majority of the tracks, musically and lyrically, and p ...


The Micronauts

The Micronauts are a Paris-based dance music act. They formed when Christophe Monier met Canada-born George Issakidis whilst working at the Parisian music fanzine eDEN. The first release was a 12 inch called "The Jazz." They continued to work thr ...


Subsonic Factor

The group was made up of a Japanese music producer Takashi Kimura, American female singer named Christina Hane and American Rapper / Singer Terry-T now known as T-Effect & Chosen Effect who was the front man for the group.



Transwave is a French Goa trance act composed of Christof Drouillet and Frederic Holyszewski. Christof was raised in a classical musician family, though he never had training in music or electronic. First, he got involved in various new wave band ...


Canadian techno music groups


Dutch techno music groups


German techno music groups


Japanese techno music groups



Flutlicht is the artist name of Swiss trance music producers Daniel Heinzer and Marco Guardia. The two are most famous for their song Icarus, which came out on Drizzly Records in 2001. It was signed to over 150 compilations throughout the world. ...


American trance music groups


Austrian trance music groups


British trance music groups


Danish trance music groups


Dutch trance music groups


French trance music groups


German trance music groups


Italian trance music groups


Swedish trance music groups


Dirty Sole

Dirty Sole is an indie electronic dance music group, consisting of Daniel Anderegg and Richie Heller. The moniker was created by Richie, who wanted to make house music that sounded "dirty", but soulful. The group is based out of Chicago where the ...


The E.L.F.

The E.L.F. is a musician and music producer formed by ex-Gerling frontman Darren Cross based in Sydney, Australia, mainly working from his music production company Bernstein Studios.



Audiotricz are a duo from Nunspeet, Netherlands, consisting of Kenneth Kroes and Leon Benschop who perform and produce music together within the Hardstyle genre.



Deepack is a hardstyle duo from the Netherlands consisting of Frank Pechler and Marcel Van Der Zwan. The two met in high school in the 1990s, and started producing together directly after they graduated. In 2001, they teamed up with Dutch Hardcor ...


Ost & Meyer

Ost & Meyer is an electronic music duo of producer/DJs Nikita Bogdanov and Vadym Porotkov from Kiev, Ukraine. Released on such labels as Anjunabeats, Black Hole Recordings and Enhanced Music Ost & Meyer are regular guests of ASOT, ABGT and other ...


Anchor Step

The term anchor step is used to denote a dance step at the end of a pattern that is used while maintaining a connection. An anchor is not a specific rhythm or foot position. In West Coast Swing both partners place their center of gravity behind t ...


La Luna (Portland, Oregon)

La Luna was a rock-n-roll nightclub in Portland, Oregon, United States from 1992 to 1999. It played a central role in Portlands prominence during the emergence of grunge in that era, helping to propel bands from Portland and the surrounding area ...

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