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Outdoor sculpture in New York City

Public art in New York City includes statues, memorials, murals, fountains, and other forms. The citys parks have been described as the "greatest outdoor public art museum" in the United States. With works from such great sculptors as Augustus Sa ...


Hotel Deauville (New York)

Hotel Deauville at 103 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016 is a New York City hotel built circa 1900. It is a seven-story brick and stone structure influenced by Beaux-Arts architecture, and was originally an apartment hotel known as Hatfield House.


Mondrian SoHo


The Quin

The Quin is a luxury hotel in New York City. It is located on 57th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, two blocks south of Central Park. Prior to its 2013 reopening, the Quin was originally the Buckingham Hotel, a Beaux-Arts style building desi ...


The High Line Hotel

The High Line Hotel is a historic hotel in the West Chelsea neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. The building was constructed in 1895 as a dormitory for the General Theological Seminary and is now owned by the Brodsky Organiza ...


Hotel buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in Manhattan


Skyscraper hotels in Manhattan


Libraries on the National Register of Historic Places in Manhattan


Queens Public Library


James Levines 25th Anniversary Metropolitan Opera Gala

James Levines 25th Anniversary Metropolitan Opera Gala was a concert, lasting approximately eight hours, that the Metropolitan Opera staged in 1996 in honour of its then principal conductor and Artistic Director. Excerpts from the gala were relea ...


The Metropolitan Opera Guild

The Metropolitan Opera Guild was established in 1935 to broaden the base of support for the Metropolitan Opera, promote greater interest in opera, and develop future audiences by reaching out to a wide public and serving as an educational resourc ...


Opera Noire of New York

Opera Noire of New York is a performing arts company, as well as a resource and network for African-American artists. ONNY is an organization which has performed in multiple venues in the New York City metropolitan area. Opera Noire was founded b ...


Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel is a small tidal strait in Upper New York Bay in New York City, approximately 1 mile long and 0.25 miles wide, separating Governors Island from Brooklyn. The channel is marked by a number of navigation aids. Tidal currents on t ...


Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal


Ferry transportation in New Jersey


Piers in New York (state)


Piers in New York City


Horse Mulga

Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla, commonly known as bowgada, wanderry mulga, horse mulga or sometimes wanyu, is a subspecies of the tree species Acacia ramulosa, with which it shares several common names. While the parent species is found througho ...


St. Pauls Catholic Church (Portsmouth, Virginia)

St. Pauls Catholic Church is a historic Roman Catholic church located in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States. It is a compact Gothic Revival style, cruciform plan church. It is constructed of load-bearing masonry walls clad in quarry-faced granit ...


Church of St. James the Apostle

The Church of St. James the Apostle, or as it is known today as St. James Episcopal Church or Iglesia Episcopal de Santiago is an Episcopal church in Oakland, California, United States. The church has been providing weekly services without break ...


Cathedrals in Oakland, California


Tacony Music Hall

The Tacony Music Hall is a historic building in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The three-story brick building was erected in 1885 by Frank W. Jordan, a local druggist and entrepreneur, as a multi-use facility, with retail ...


Mallory Hotel


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Portland, Maine)

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is an historic cathedral at 307 Congress Streets in Portland, Maine that serves as seat of the Diocese of Portland. The pastor is Bishop Robert Deeley, and the rector is Father Gregory Dube. The church, ...


Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland


Roman Catholic bishops of Reno-Las Vegas


Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church

Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, also known as Our Lady of Victory / St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, is a historic Roman Catholic church located at Rochester in Monroe County, New York. It was designed by noted Rochester architect And ...


Gremlin Theatre

Gremlin Theatre is a small, non-profit, professional theatre company based in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. Gremlin primarily performs actor-centered plays in the classic American style of realism, seeking, as their mission statement reads, ...


Indian Sandbur

Cenchrus biflorus is a species of annual grass in the family Poaceae. Common names include Indian sandbur, Bhurat or Bhurut in India, Haskaneet in Sudan, Aneeti in the Arabic dialect of Mauritania, K arangiya in the Hausa language of Nigeria, and ...


Pacific Western University


San Diego Community College District

The San Diego Community College District is a public community college district in San Diego, California. The SDCCD is one of the five community college districts in San Diego County; part of the greater California Community Colleges system. Unde ...


William Lyon University

William Lyon University was a former non-traditional school based in San Diego, California. It closed in the early 2000s. The school was named after Maj. General William Lyon USAF, a decorated officer who served during the World War II, Korea, an ...


Rappers from San Francisco


Cathedrals in San Francisco


Roman Catholic churches in San Francisco


Pornography in San Francisco


Late for the Interurban


Tampa Covenant Church

Tampa Covenant Church is a church building in Lake Magdalene, Florida designed by Alberto Alfonso. The building was chosen by Arch Daily for a 2010 building of the year award in the religious category.


Roman Catholic churches in Tampa, Florida


All Saints Catholic Church (New Riegel, Ohio)

The complex consists of four buildings St. Boniface Church, St. Boniface Rectory, St. Boniface School and the Monastery of Contemplative Sisters, Convent of the Sister of the Precious Blood. Other buildings on the property include a small chapel ...


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (Glandorf, Ohio)

St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church is a historic church at Ohio 694 and Main Street in Glandorf, Ohio. It was built in 1875 and added to the National Register in 1977.


Saint Michaels of the Ridge Roman Catholic Church

Saint Michaels of the Ridge Roman Catholic Church is a church within the Toledo Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. The church is located on Moser Road about six miles northeast of Defiance, Ohio.


Roman Catholic churches in Sandusky, Ohio


Roman Catholic churches in Toledo, Ohio


Roman Catholic churches in Worcester, Massachusetts


Catholic Church in British Overseas Territories


Protestantism in British Overseas Territories


Catholic Church in British Crown Dependencies


Protestantism in British Crown Dependencies


Cathedrals in British Crown Dependencies

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