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Tanks of Peru


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M113 armoured personnel carriers in Australian service

The Australian Army has operated large numbers of M113 armoured personnel carriers since 1964. Between 817 and 840 M113s were acquired between 1965 and 1979, comprising nine different variants. A long-running modernisation program which commenced ...


World War II armoured fighting vehicles of Australia


Saurer 4K 4FA

The Saurer 4K 4FA is an Austrian armoured personnel carrier with caterpillar tracks. It was later replaced by the Steyr 4K 7FA G 127. It went into production in 1961.


Belgian combat vehicles of World War II

The Belgian Army had approximately 200 combat vehicles at the time of the German invasion in May 1940. The vehicles were distributed among infantry and cavalry divisions for use as support weapons. The Belgian Army viewed their combat vehicles as ...


Armoured Autocar

The Armoured Autocar was developed by Major Raymond Brutinel, who immigrated to Canada from France. Brutinel, a Captain in the French Army Reserve, became a self-made millionaire in Canada prior to the beginning of World War I. At the beginning o ...



The LAV III, originally named the Kodiak by the Canadian Army, is the third generation of the Light Armoured Vehicle family of infantry fighting vehicles built by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada, a London, Ontario based subsidiary of Gener ...



TH-495 was a Tracked vehicle infantry combat vehicle being proposed by German-based Thyssen-Henschel for NATO countries, but it was primarily being pitched to the Canadian Forces and the then government of Brian Mulroney in the 1990s. While desig ...



CS/VP4 is a type of lightweight all-terrain vehicle with 8x8 all wheel drive. The vehicle is amphibious and capable of center-turning. Militarized version were observed in 2008 with reinforced chassis, weapon mounts, storage space and roll cage. ...


Type 08

The Type 08 is a family of eight-wheeled amphibious, modular armored vehicle developed by Norinco for infantry fire support, battlefield logistics and quick reaction operations. It is a recent Peoples Republic of China produced Infantry fighting ...


Type 63 (armoured personnel carrier)

The Type 63 is a Chinese armoured personnel carrier that entered service in the late 1960s. It was the first armoured vehicle designed in China without Soviet assistance. The design is simple and is comparable to other APCs of its time such as th ...



The VN-4, nicknamed the "Rhinoceros", is a multi-role light armoured personnel carrier that can be used for police forces, armored troops, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism.


CM-21 Armored Vehicle

The CM-21 is an armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by the Republic of China Armoured Vehicle Development Center, based on the United States model M113 APC. The first prototype was manufactured in 1979, and the CM-21 officially entered ser ...


Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle, also known as Infantry Fighting Vehicle Light, is an Egyptian modification of the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. It is a hybrid, based on an enlarged M113 chassis equipped with the complete two-man power-o ...


Infantry fighting vehicles of France



The Fennek, named after the fennec, or LGS Fennek, with LGS being short for Leichter Gepanzerter Spahwagen in German, is a four-wheeled armed reconnaissance vehicle produced by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Dutch Defence Vehicle Sy ...


Schutzenpanzer Lang HS.30

The Schutzenpanzer Lang HS.30 was a West German infantry fighting vehicle developed from 1956 to 1958. It was a Swiss Hispano-Suiza design, with a Rolls-Royce engine. After some early mechanical problems, only 2.176 were built of the 10.680 plann ...


Schutzenpanzer SPz 11-2 Kurz

The Schutzenpanzer SPz 11-2 Kurz armored reconnaissance vehicle was developed for the West German army and was a minor modification of a French-designed vehicle. During the period between 1959 and 1967, the West German army received some 2.374 of ...


World War I armoured fighting vehicles of Germany


World War II armoured fighting vehicles of Germany


44M Tas Rohamloveg

The 44M Tas Rohamloveg is a fake Hungarian tank destroyer design of World War II, based on the chassis of the 44M Tas heavy tank which was made up by mistake by the Hungarian historian Pal Korbuly. During his research in the 1980s on the 44M Tas ...


Infantry fighting vehicles of India




Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle

Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle or International Light Armored Vehicle is an armored fighting vehicle based on the Cougar and manufactured by Force Protection Industries, BAE Systems and General Dynamics. Nicknamed the Badger, The ILAV is based on th ...


World War II armoured fighting vehicles of Italy


Infantry fighting vehicles of Japan


Sedena-Henschel HWK-11

The Sedena Henschel HWK-11 was a joint project between the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense and Henschel Wehrtechnik GmbH of West Germany.


Centurion Mk 5 NL


Al-Qaswa logistics vehicle



The Cadillac Gage LAV-300, originally named the V-300, is a family of American light armored vehicles including up to 15 configurations. It was originally created and designed by CG as a private venture project. As of 2020, the vehicle and its de ...


MX-8 Armored Escort Vehicle

The MX-8 Armored Escort Vehicle is an experimental armored vehicle currently under development by Philippine steelworks fabricator Steelcraft Industrial & Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Philippine Army, arising from a need by ...


Sulu PNP Armoured vehicle

The Sulu PNP Armoured Vehicle was an armoured vehicle produced indigenously in the Philippines. There are a number of photos of it some being used by state military forces, and by irregular forces; however, its exact history, design, and developm ...


Infantry fighting vehicles of the Philippines


World War II armoured fighting vehicles of Poland


Infantry fighting vehicles of Russia


World War I armoured fighting vehicles of Russia

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