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VR Class Dm11

The Dm11 was a diesel multiple unit built by GEC-Alsthom in Spain for VR Group. A total of 16 units were ordered in 1995, with an option of 16 more, at a price of 80 million Finnish marks. The first units arrived in Finland in February 1997 and t ...


HKL Class M200

The HKL Class M200 is a class of metro trains in use on the Helsinki Metro, based on the DBAG Class 481 trains used on the Berlin S-Bahn. One train consists of two individually numbered cars. A total of 12 pairs were manufactured by Bombardier-DW ...


HKL Class M300

The HKL Class M300 is a class of metro trains operated by Helsinki City Transport in use on the Helsinki Metro. 20 four-carriage trains were built between 2014 and 2016 by Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles. In November 2019, HKL announce ...


JKOY Class Sm5

The Sm5 electric multiple unit is a low-floor train used on the Helsinki commuter rail network. Unlike other train types on the network, the Sm5 units are owned by Paakaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oy, a subsidiary of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, V ...


VR Class Dm12

VR was searching a diesel motor car to be used on low traffic regional services on non-electrified tracks years after the last of the earlier diesel motor car series had been decommissioned by the end of the 1980s, and diesel locomotive pulled pa ...


VR Class Sm4

The Sm4 electric multiple unit is a low-floor train used by the VR Group in Helsinki commuter rail services. The initial order was for ten EMUs with the first unit entering service in 1999. Another 20 units were ordered in 2002 and the deliveries ...


Gas turbine multiple units of France


Hybrid multiple units of France


Diesel railcars and multiple units of Italy


Hybrid multiple units of Japan


Oriental fountain grass

Pennisetum orientale, the oriental fountain grass, is a species of flowering plant in the grass family Poaceae, native to North West Asia and North Africa. Growing to 60 cm tall and broad, this decorative perennial grass forms clumps with multipl ...


Sri Lanka Railways S13

Sri Lanka Railways Ordered 6 DEMUs from ICF in 2017. The first set of the order was imported in December 2018. One DEMU contains 2 driving cars, 2 driving tailors, 2 Air-conditioned coaches, 2 business class coaches, and 5 Economic class coaches. ...



X20, X21, X22 and X23 was a series of two to four car electric multiple units operated by Trafikaktiebolaget Grangesberg-Oxelosunds Jarnvagar of Sweden. Thirteen units were built by Hilding Carlssons Mekaniska Verkstad in 1956–59. One unit was so ...


BLS RABe 535





The RABDe 8/16 are a consequential further development of the RABDe 12/12 multiple units used by the SBB-CFF-FFS. They were, like the RABDe 12/12, designed for quick acceleration in commuter traffic. But in contrast to the RABDe 12/12, they didnt ...













The RAe TEE II, later known as RABe EC, is a type of high-speed electric multiple unit trainset of the Swiss Federal Railways, which was used from the 1960s until the 1980s on several Trans Europ Express services. It was designed to be compatible ...


EPL2T multiple unit


JZ series 812


Steam railcars of Australia


Tasmanian Government Railways DP class

The DP class diesel railcars comprised eight different batches of vehicles. The early members were originally petrol powered wooden bodied rail motors while the latter units were articulated units. These latter units were initially used on the Ta ...


Petrol railcars of Australia


Railcars of New South Wales


Railcars of Queensland


Railcars of South Australia


Victorian Railways railmotors


BDZ class 81 01-03

The vehicles of the BDZ class 05 01-03 were four-axle Diesel–mechanical railcars designed for the 760 mm narrow-gauge railways of the Bulgarian State Railways.


BDZ class 82 01-04

The vehicles of the BDZ class 05 04-07 were four-axle Diesel–mechanical railcars for the 760 mm narrow-gauge railways of the Bulgarian State Railways.


AES Railcar

The AES is an electric passenger railcar that has been in use in Chile since 1977, originally with Ferrocarril del Norte, and later for MERVAL, the Valparaiso region metro system.


1903 Petrol Electric Autocar

1903 Petrol Electric Autocar. In 1903 the North Eastern Railway built two experimental railcars at their carriage works in York. These were powered by petrol engines which generated electricity for two traction motors which were mounted on the bo ...


British steam railcars

A steam railcar is a rail vehicle that does not require a locomotive as it contains its own steam engine. The first steam railcar was an experimental unit designed and built in 1847 by James Samuel and William Bridges Adams. In 1848 they made the ...


British steam railcars


Aeolus Railroad Car

One of the early experiments in railroad cars, the yachtlike Aeolus, named in honor of Aeolus from mythology, was designed to sail before the wind. Evan Thomas designed the vehicle, which was tried on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1830. On o ...


Doodlebug (rail car)

In the United States, doodlebug or hoodlebug is a name for a type of self-propelled railcar most commonly configured with both a passenger and freight compartment. Early models were usually powered by a gasoline engine, with either a mechanical d ...


Missouri Pacific Railway Caboose No. 928

The Missouri Pacific Railway Caboose No. 928 is a historic caboose, located near Market and Vine Streets in Bald Knob, Arkansas, near the former Missouri Pacific Depot. It is a cupola caboose, measuring 34 feet 2 inches in length and 10 feet 0.5 ...


Commonwealth Railways carbon steel carriage stock

In January 1963 Commonwealth Railways placed an order with Commonwealth Engineering, Granville for 24 air-conditioned carbon steel carriages. These standard gauge carriages were purchased for use on the Trans Australian between Port Pirie Junctio ...


Commonwealth Railways stainless steel carriage stock

In July 1965 Commonwealth Railways placed an order with Commonwealth Engineering, Granville for eight 22.92-metre air-conditioned stainless steel sleeping carriages and one dining carriage for use on the Trans Australian. The first was delivered ...


Railway coaches of New South Wales


Railway coaches of Queensland


Railway coaches of South Australia


Victorian Railways carriages


China Railways 25G rolling stock

China Railways 25G rolling stock, or China Railways 25 improved rolling stock is a series of passenger carriages built in China. The carriages run services in mainland China, and on the Trans-siberian railway for international services to Moscow. ...



YZ22B is a series of Chinese railway passenger coach. Manufacturer: Changchun / Tangshan Heat insulator: Polythene Heater: Heating water by coal Height: 4283 mm Distance between seats: 1500 mm Distance between kingpins: 17000 mm Bogie: 202/209/20 ...


VR blue carriages

The blue carriages are passenger cars built between 1961 and 1987 used by VR for long-distance passenger travel in Finland. They are capable of speeds from 140 to 160 kilometres per hour.



The German term Donnerbuchse means "thunderbox" and is the nickname for the four-wheeled, open, passenger coaches, built from 1921 onwards, that served with the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In contrast to their predecessors, they were made entirely of ir ...

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