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Schinia antonio

Schinia antonio is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is endemic to southern Texas. The wingspan is about 9 mm. The larvae feed on Aphanostephus species.


Stigmella belfrageella

Stigmella belfrageella is a moth of the family Nepticulidae which is endemic to Texas. The wingspan is 6.25–6.50 millimetres 0.246–0.256 in. Adults have been found in April.


Hampstead, Quebec


Montreal-Est, Quebec


Trees of Durango


Trees of Jalisco



XHED-FM is a radio station in Ameca, Jalisco. Broadcasting on 99.1 MHz, XHED is locally owned and carries a format of ranchera and pop music with news, known as "La Lider", with programming targeted to the Valles region of Jalisco.


Trees of Nayarit


Trees of Sinaloa


Trees of Sonora


Mineros de Zacatecas

Club Deportivo Mineros de Zacatecas is a Mexican football club from Zacatecas that compete in the Mexican Ascenso MX. They are currently managed by Oscar Fernando Torres.


Cieneguillas prison riots

Two prison riots occurred at the Cieneguillas Regional Center for Social Reintegration in Cieneguillas, Zacatecas, Mexico. The first was on 31 December 2019, and the second on 2 January 2020. Sixteen inmates were killed on 31 December, and anothe ...


21st century in Coahuila


Trees of Coahuila


Trees of Hidalgo (state)


History of Nuevo Leon

The Estado Libre y Soberano de Nuevo Leon was first colonized in the 16th century by immigrants from the Iberian Peninsula. The majority of these were conversos, ethnic Jews converted to Roman Catholicism. Later the state received more arrivals o ...


History of Monterrey

The history of the Mexican city of Monterrey is closely linked with the history of the state of Nuevo Leon. When the New Kingdom of Leon was founded, it included Monterrey, Monclova, Saltillo and Cerralvo. The founding families formed a group of ...


Trees of Nuevo Leon


Trees of San Luis Potosi


Urban rail transit in China

Urban rail transit in the Peoples Republic of China encompasses a broad range of urban and suburban electric passenger rail mass transit systems including subway, light rail, tram and maglev. Some classifications also include non-rail bus rapid t ...


Line 2 (Xiamen Metro)

Line 2 of the Xiamen Metro is a subway line in Xiamen. The line running from Wuyuanwan to Tianzhushan, has 32 stations and is 41.64 kilometres long. It was opened on December 25, 2019.


Line 4 (Tianjin Metro)

Line 4 of Tianjin Metro is an under construction metro line in Tianjin. The southern section will open in June 2021.


Rapid transit in Germany

Rapid transit in Germany consists of four U-Bahn systems and fourteen S-Bahn systems. The U-Bahn or Untergrundbahn are conventional rapid transit systems that run mostly underground, while the S-Bahn or Stadtschnellbahn are commuter rail services ...


List of Bologna metro stations

The following was a list of stations on the Metropolitana di Bologna, an old project of underground in Bologna. The project of the underground had stalled after a dispute between Regione Emilia-Romagna, the local government and the central govern ...


Rapid transit in South Korea

Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit operates the whole subway system.



The Ui LRT, referred to as the Ui-Sinseol LRT in Korean, is a light metro which is part of Seoul Metropolitan Railway. It is a fully underground 11.4 km Light Rapid Transit line from Ui-dong to Sinseol-dong in northern Seoul which opened on Septe ...


Rapid transit in Spain


Davis Drive Rapidway

The Davis Drive Rapidway is a Canadian bus rapid transit system in Newmarket, Ontario, built by Vivanext. The rapidway opened for service on November 29, 2015. The Viva Yellow service uses the rapidway. Total budget amount for the Davis Drive rap ...


East Side Bus Tunnel


Highway 7 Rapidway

The Highway 7 Rapidway in York Region, Ontario, Canada, is a bus rapid transit right-of-way that runs from Bruce Street in Vaughan to Birchmount Road in Markham. There are plans to extend it west to Highway 50 and east to Cornell Terminal. It is ...


Northern Busway, Auckland

The Northern Busway is a segregated busway that runs along the eastern side of the Northern Motorway, part of State Highway 1, in the north of Auckland, New Zealand, linking the North Shore with the northern end of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Th ...


Yonge Street Rapidway

The Yonge Street Rapidway is a bus rapid transit corridor on Yonge Street in York Region, Ontario, Canada. Construction of the Yonge Street portion of the network began in 2014. The Rapidway is primarily used by the Viva Blue service The Yonge St ...


Dingpu metro station

Dingpu station is a subway station of Taipei Metro. This station is a 2 km extension and western terminus of the Tucheng Line, which itself is an extension of Bannan Line. Dingpu station is located in Tucheng District, New Taipei City. Constructi ...


Guangci–Fengtian Temple metro station

Guangci–Fengtian Temple is a planned metro station on the Red Line located in Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan. The station is scheduled to open at the end of 2022.


Brighton Place station

Brighton Place is an abandoned and never used subway station of the Cincinnati Subway. The station is the last through station before the tracks go above ground along Interstate 75. The station was planned in 1916, but lacked funding to complete. ...


Clinton station (Rochester)

Clinton was a proposed Rochester Industrial and Rapid Transit Railway station located in Rochester, New York. The station would have been located between Court Street and Meigs-Goodman stations, near the South Avenue Loop and the connection to th ...


Race Street station (Cincinnati Subway)

Race Street is an abandoned and never used subway station of the Cincinnati Subway. The station was planned to be the hub of the 16 mile system. The station was planned in 1916, but lacked funding to complete.


South Hayward station

South Hayward is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station located off the Tennyson Road arterial in Hayward, California, United States. The station opened as part of the first segment of the BART system on September 11, 1972.


Chicago Transit Authority stubs


Bad Godesberg Stadthalle (SWB)

Stadthalle is a station on the Bonn Stadtbahn, in Bonn, Germany. It is the terminus of the Bad Godesberg branch served by the all-day routes 16 and 63 and the peak-hour line 67. It is located beneath the City hall of Bonn.


Hochkreuz (SWB)

Hochkreuz is a Bonn Stadtbahn station served by lines 16, 63 and 67. It is located on the Bad Godesberg branch, the next four stops are underground, including the terminus. This station is located near the High Cross.


Mauritiuskirche (KVB)

Mauritiuskirche is a Cologne Stadtbahn station served by line 9. This station serves the nearby St. Mauritius church. This is the only station where is not served by another line and that is inside the city center.


Max-Lobner-StraSe (SWB)

Max-Lobner-StraSe is one of the 6 stations on the Bad Godesberg, Germany branch of Cologne Stadtbahn line 16 and the Bonn Stadtbahn all-day line 63 and peak hour line 67.


Oberkassel Mitte (SWB)


Oberkassel Nord (SWB)

Oberkassel Nord is a station served by both Bonn Stadtbahn and tramway. This station consists of two tracks with two side platforms. Of the stadtbahn is served by line 66, while of the tramway is served by line 62. About only 450 m lies the nearb ...


Oberkassel Sud/Romlinghoven (SWB)


Olof-Palme-Allee (SWB)

Olof-Palme-Allee is the final stop on the Bonn Stammstrecke in Germany. Lines 66 and 68 beyond that point do not continue to Bad Godesberg, but on the Siebengebirgsbahn towards Ramersdorf and Bad Honnef.


Rheinaue (SWB)

Rheinaue is a Bonn Stadtbahn station served by lines 66 and 68 on the completely new Sudbrucke. The station is the only one in the middle of a highway.


WurzerstraSe (SWB)

WurzerstraSe is one of the four underground stations on the Bad Godesberg branch served by both Cologne and Bonn Stadtbahn. This station is served by line 16, 63 and 67. Because the Bad Godesberg underground stations have 4-main colur tiles, the ...


Line 1 (Thessaloniki Metro)

Line 1 of the Thessaloniki Metro, also known as the Base Project, is a deep-level underground rapid transit line in Thessaloniki, Greece, connecting N. Sid. Stathmos in the west with Nea Elvetia in the east, before continuing on to the Pylaia dep ...

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