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Roman Catholic dioceses in Turkey


Roman Catholic Diocese of Gabii

The Diocese of Gabii or Diocese of Gabi was a Roman Catholic diocese in the ancient city Gabii in the region of Latium, located due east of Rome along the Via Praenestina, which was in early times known as the Via Gabin. In 1060, it was suppresse ...


Roman Catholic Diocese of Lodomeria

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lodomeria was a late-medieval Latin rite Catholic diocese in Lodomeria from 1375 till 1425.


Roman Catholic Diocese of San Marcos

Felix Eduardo Antonio Calderon Cruz, appointed Bishop of San Francisco de Asis de Jutiapa in 2016


Roman Catholic Diocese of Vila Real

The Portuguese Catholic diocese of Vila Real has existed since 1922. In that year it was formed from territories in the diocese of Bragança-Miranda, archdiocese of Braga, and diocese of Lamego. It is a suffragan of the archdiocese of Braga, in th ...


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Anglican church buildings by century


Baptist churches by century


Episcopal churches by century


Presbyterian church buildings by century


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Swedish Alliance Mission churches


Anglican cathedrals


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Protestant cathedrals in the United States


Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans

The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans is a global network of conservative Anglican churches which formed in 2008 in response to what it claimed was an ongoing theological crisis in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Conservative Anglicans met in ...


Former religious orders in the Anglican Communion

Former religious orders in the churches of the Anglican Communion are those communities of monks, nuns, friars, or sisters, having a common life and rule under vows, whose work has ended and whose community has been disbanded. In a very few cases ...


History of the Anglican Communion

The history of the Anglican Communion may be attributed mainly to the worldwide spread of British culture associated with the British Empire. Among other things the Church of England spread around the world and, gradually developing autonomy in e ...


List of heroes of the Christian Church in the Anglican Communion

This is a list of heroes of the Christian Church in the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion is an international association of national and regional Anglican churches in full communion with the Church of England and specifically with its p ...


Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh

Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh, a member of the Via Media USA alliance, is a group of laypersons and clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh that represents the interests of moderate to liberal churches and individuals within the d ...


St. Edmunds Anglican Church

St. Edmunds Anglican Church was a parish of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Formerly known as St. Edmunds Episcopal Church, the congregation became in 2008 the first in Wisconsin to withdraw from the Episcop ...


Tract 90

Remarks on Certain Passages in the Thirty-Nine Articles, better known as Tract 90, was a theological pamphlet written by the English theologian and churchman John Henry Newman and published in 1841. It is the most famous and the most controversia ...


Anglican Communion


Lyndhurst Hall, Kentish Town

Lyndhurst Hall was an Edwardian mission hall built by Hampsteads Lyndhurst Road Congregational Church. Located in Warden Road, Kentish Town, it was later sold on and used as a community hall, before being demolished in 2006 to make way for flats.


Bifrost Arts

Bifrost Arts is an ecumenical religious organization closely linked to the Presbyterian Church in America that produces written and recorded religious music, and frequently performs at Christian Universities and conferences. Bifrost Arts was co-f ...


New Lebanon Conference

The New Lebanon Conference of ministers was a meeting held in July 1827, in New Lebanon, New York, to resolve disputes in the Presbyterian churches concerning the so-called New Measures for evangelism instituted and popularized primarily by Charl ...


Presbyterian Youth Connection

The Presbyterian Youth Connection is for all Presbyterian Church Youth and Adults." Youth” is loosely defined as young people between the ages of 12 and 18. It is a common identity, theology, and structure for youth ministry across the Presbyteri ...


The Service for the Lords Day


Presbyterianism by region


Presbyterian organizations


Reformed Presbyterian Church (denominational group)


Anglican Consultative Council

The Anglican Consultative Council or ACC is one of the four "Instruments of Communion" of the Anglican Communion. It was created by a resolution of the 1968 Lambeth Conference. The council, which includes Anglican bishops, other clergy, and laity ...


Fulcrum (Anglican think tank)

Fulcrum is an evangelical Anglican think tank representing the evangelical centre of the Church of England. Formed in 2002, Fulcrum aims to renew the moderate centre of the evangelical tradition in the Church of England. Fulcrum is normally viewe ...


Baptist churches


International bodies of Reformed denominations


International bodies of Lutheran denominations


Lutheran Services in America

Lutheran Services in America is a not-for-profit corporation that coordinates the work of over 300 independent Lutheran health and human service organizations affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or the Lutheran Church–Misso ...


Norwegian Lutheran Mission

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission is one of several independent Lutheran organisations working within the Lutheran Church of Norway. It adheres to the confessional documents of the Church of Norway. The organization was founded in 1891 as Det Norske ...


St. Laurence Foundation

The St. Laurence Foundation is an independent student hostel in Sweden for students at Lund University. The foundation belongs to the Catholic movement of the Church of Sweden. It was founded in 1938. Daily office is prayed and Mass celebrated in ...


List of ecclesiastical decorations

This list of ecclesiastical decorations is an index to notable decorations, awards and medals bestowed by the various Christian churches or by institutions such as universities closely associated with these churches.


Order of St. David of Wales, St. Alban and St. Crescentino

The Order of St. David of Wales, St. Alban and St. Crescentino, also known as the Order of St. David, is an ecumenical knightly religious order of Anglican foundation, open to both clerical and lay knights.

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