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Adam Woodcock


Kalvan (Calvin Morrison)

Kalvan, formerly known as Calvin Morrison, is a character from the fictional Kalvan series started by H. Beam Piper. He was a state trooper of the Pennsylvania State Police, who was accidentally picked up by a cross-time flying saucer and carried ...


Minor Characters in the Kalvan series

is Prince Balthars younger brother. Under an agreement between Balthar and Sarrask of Sask, Balthames is married to Sarrasks daughter and becomes ruler of the new princedom of Sashta.


Philippa Gregory book cover images



Porophyllum is a genus of flowering plants in the marigold tribe within the daisy family known commonly as the poreleaf genus. Poreleaf plants are subshrubs native to the Americas. Their leaves often have large glands that produce aromatic oils a ...


Here are Lovers


Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum is a genus of about 47 species of monocotyledonous flowering plants in the family Araceae, native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia. Certain species of Spathiphyllum are commonly known as spath or peace lilie ...


Swann in Love (novella)

"Swann in Love" is a section from the novel sequence In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The narrative is part of Swanns Way, the first volume of In Search of Lost Time. Un amour de Swann is about the love affair between Charles Swann and Od ...


Virtual Reality (play)


Plays by Beaumont and Fletcher


Pink hyacinth-orchid

Dipodium roseum, commonly known as rosy hyacinth-orchid or pink hyacinth-orchid, is a leafless saprophytic orchid found in east and south-eastern Australia. In summer it produces a tall flowering stem with up to fifty pale pink flowers with small ...


Pismo manzanita

Arctostaphylos wellsii is a plant that grows at elevations between 90 and 1200 ft in San Luis Obispo county in California. The plant is an evergreen shrub native to chaparral and coniferous forests. Arctostaphylos wellsii is extremely rare and co ...


Plays by John Fletcher and Massinger


The Vertical Hour

The Vertical Hour is a play by David Hare. The play addresses the relationship of characters with opposing views on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and also explores psychological tension between public lives and private lives.


Billeted (play)


Excelsior (play)


Too Much of a Good Thing (radio play)

Too Much of a Good Thing is a radio play, recorded entirely on location, as if it were a film, by Mike Leigh. Liane Aukin, the midwife of the project, a BBC radio producer, knew Leigh through her brother David, the general manager at Hampstead Th ...


The Storyteller Sequence

The Storyteller Sequence is a series of one act dramas written for young people by Philip Ridley. The plays, all set in east London, use fairytale stories and theatrical conventions to reveal the traumas of their young protagonists. To date there ...


One for the Road (Russell play)

One For The Road is a comedic play by Willy Russell, written in 1976 and published in 1980. The script was revised and updated by Russell in 1985 and the rights are held by Samuel French Ltd. It is not to be confused with the Harold Pinter play o ...


Good Morning, Bill

Good Morning, Bill is a comedic play by P. G. Wodehouse, adapted from the Hungarian play Doktor Juci Szabo by playwright Ladislaus Fodor. It premiered in London at the Duke of Yorks Theatre in 1927. Wodehouse later adapted the play into the novel ...



Cainan is mentioned in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Book of Genesis, the Book of Jubilees and the genealogy of Jesus given in Luke 3:36 in the New Testament. He is described as a son of Arpachshad and father of Salah, who lived in ...


Jabal (Bible)

Jabal a descendant of Cain was the son of Lamech and Adah, and the brother of Jubal, half-brother of Tubal-cain and Naamah. He is described as the "ancestor of all who live in tents and raise livestock."


Jubal (Bible)

Jubal is described as the "ancestor of all who played the harp and flute." Jubal is said to have played the kinnor Hebrew: כנור ‎, translated harp in the NIV and lyre in the ESV and the uggab עוגב ‎, translated flute in the NIV and pipe in the ES ...



Kenan was a Biblical patriarch first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible Book of Genesis as living before the Great Flood. He is also mentioned in the Genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3:36-37. Additionally, Kenan is also mentioned in Islam in the various col ...


Laban (Bible)

Laban is a figure in the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible. He was the brother of Rebekah, who married Isaac and bore Jacob. Laban welcomed his nephew as a young man, and set him the stipulation of seven years labour before he permitted him to ...


Shelah (son of Judah)

According to the Bible, Shelah / Shela was the youngest brother among Judahs first three sons, and was born at Chezib.



Tubal-cain or Tubalcain is a person mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis 4:22 as well as in the Hebrew Book of Jasher, known for being the first blacksmith.


Biblical patriarchs


British Library, Add MS 74236


Professor Shonku short stories


The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend


The Book of The Long Sun


The Book of The New Sun


The Book of The Short Sun


American animated science fantasy films


Indian adventure thriller films


Swords of Legends


JSA: The Liberty Files

JSA: The Liberty Files is a comic book published by DC Comics. The writers were Dan Jolley and Tony Harris. The artists were Harris and Ray Snyder. The books were originally written as two separate two-issue stories; JSA: The Liberty File in 2000 ...


Master of the Future


Peach springs cholla

Cylindropuntia abyssi, common name Peach Springs cholla, is a species of cactus endemic to northwestern Arizona. It is known from only from the Grand Canyon and in Peach Springs Canyon, on the Hualapai Reservation in Mohave County. It grows in de ...


Auf den wilden Wegen

Franz Schuberts best known song cycles, like Die schone Mullerin and Winterreise are based on separate poems with a common theme and narrative. Other song cycles are based on consecutive excerpts of the same literary work: Schuberts "Ave Maria" i ...


Auf den wilden Wegen


10th-century Indian Jain poets


12th-century Indian Jain poets


Fujiwara no Atsumitsu

The poet Fujiwara no Atsumitsu was born in 1063. His father was Fujiwara no Akihira and his mother whose name is not known was a daughter of Taira no Sanshige 平実重. Atsutane lost his father when he was four by traditional Japanese reckoning i.e ...


Jacquemart Gielee

Jacquemart Gielee was a French poet of the Middle Ages born in Lille. Around 1288, he wrote a sequel to the Roman de Renart, Renart le Nouvel, of more than 8000 verse: this moralized poem, with satirical accents, depicts the struggle between Nobl ...


13th-century Indian Jain poets


Bondie Dietaiuti

Bondie Dietaiuti was a 13th-century poet from Florence. He was influenced by the Occitan troubadours and known for his animal imagery, including a translation of lines about a lark from the troubadour song Can vei la lauzeta mover. In turn, he ha ...



Kunai-kyō was a 13th century Japanese poet. A prominent poet during the Kamakura period, she is considered one of the Thirty-Six Female Immortals of Poetry.



Planera is a genus of flowering plants with a single species, Planera aquatica, the planertree or water elm. Found in the southeastern United States, it is a small deciduous tree 10–15 m tall, closely related to the elms but with a softly, prickl ...

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