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Wasco Lake

Wasco Lake is a glacially formed alpine lake located in Jefferson County, Oregon, United States. A part of the Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area, Wasco Lake is a popular hiking destination and can be accessed via the Pacific Crest Trail. In 2003, t ...


Coryell Pass

Coryell Pass is a gap located near Eugene in Lane County, Oregon, United States, near the confluence of the Coast Fork and Middle Fork of the Willamette River. The gap is formed by the river between Eugenes South Hills and Springfields Quarry But ...


McGuire Reservoir

McGuire Reservoir is an impoundment of the upper Nestucca River in Yamhill County in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is the primary raw water source for McMinnville Water and Light, which supplies drinking water to the city of McMinnville. Before a ...


Gettysburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area

The Gettysburg, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area is a small urban area of southern Pennsylvania. Adams County makes up the entire statistical area. The population is 101.407 as of the 2010 census. The statistical area ranks 42nd in the U.S, and 4 ...


Tartown, Pennsylvania

Tartown, formerly an unincorporated community, is now an extinct community in Adams County, Pennsylvania, United States. The remains of Tartown are located on property of the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Borough Authority and in the adjacent Michaux ...


Tillie, Pennsylvania

Tillie was a populated place east of Orrtanna and south of McKnightstown that was the site of the McKnightstown railroad station on the Hanover Junction, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad east of Orr Station and west of Seven Stars station after th ...


Historic districts in Adams County, Pennsylvania


Birmingham, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Birmingham was a borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on the South Side of what is now Pittsburgh. Incorporated in 1826 from St. Clair Township, the borough comprised a section of the South Side Flats between what is now South 6th and South ...


Curry, Pennsylvania


Hamnett Historic District

Hamnett Historic District is a historic district in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Bordered roughly by Rebecca Avenue, the rear property lines on the east side of Center Street, Sewer Way, and Lytle Way, it encompasses 77 buildings and 114 acres. Thi ...


Homestead Historic District

The Homestead Historic District is a historic district in Homestead, Munhall, and West Homestead, Pennsylvania that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. It is the site of the Homestead Strike of 1892, when the Carnegie ...


Perrysville, Pennsylvania

Perrysville is a community in Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, about 7 miles north of Pittsburgh on Perry Highway. It is a populated place of Allegheny County. It was historically a stagecoach stop and known as the village of Perryv ...


South Hills (Pennsylvania)

The South Hills is the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh south of the South Side Slopes. The Pittsburgh neighborhoods include Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Mt. Washington, Beltzhoover, Allentow ...


West Hills (Pennsylvania)

The West Hills is a term generally used to collectively describe the western suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A smaller portion of the area is known as the Airport Area. Though most communities are located southwest and west of the Ohio River ...


West Park, Stowe Township

West Park is a residential and commercial neighborhood located in Stowe Township, Pennsylvania, United States, and partially in the borough of McKees Rocks. The main business district of Stowe Township, Broadway, is located in the heart of West Park.


Historic districts in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


Allegheny County, Pennsylvania geography stubs


Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Chestnut Ridge, Bedford County

Chestnut Ridge is an elongate hill trending northeast-southwest in west-central Bedford County, Pennsylvania. It is partially forested with rural homes, farms, and notably apple orchards. Four small towns surround it: Schellsburg, New Paris, Fish ...


Historic districts in Bedford County, Pennsylvania



"Mahantongo" is a Lenape word, translated "where we had plenty of meat to eat" or "good hunting grounds." The name is shared by a creek, a valley, and a mountain in central Pennsylvania, and is a common street name in the area. The alternate spel ...


Historic districts in Berks County, Pennsylvania


Berks County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Historic districts in Blair County, Pennsylvania


Bedminster Center, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Bedminster Center was a hamlet near the center of Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on the road from the village of Bedminster to the Deep Run Presbyterian Church a short distance from the village. Possible location is the intersec ...


Washingtons Crossing

Washingtons Crossing is the location of George Washingtons crossing of the Delaware River on the night of December 25–26, 1776 in the American Revolutionary War. This daring maneuver led to victory in the Battle of Trenton and altered the course ...


Historic districts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Bucks County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Butler County, Pennsylvania geography stubs


Hughes bore hole

The Hughes borehole is an acid mine drainage site located near the southwest central borough of Portage, Pennsylvania in Cambria County. In the 1920s, a hole was drilled in order to remove water from the myriad coal mines in the area. In the 1950 ...


Historic districts in Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Lausanne & Nescopeck Turnpike


Lausanne-Nescopeck Turnpike


Lehigh & Susquehanna Turnpike


Lehigh-Susquehanna Turnpike


Egg Hill

Egg Hill is an elongate hill trending northeast-southwest in southern Centre County, Pennsylvania. It is mostly forested and uninhabited. Sinking Creek flows northeastward along the northern foot of Egg Hill. The town of Spring Mills is located a ...


Scotia, Pennsylvania

Scotia was a village in Patton Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, at 40°47′59″N 77°56′46″W. Although the community was called Scotia, the name of the local post office was Benore. It got its start when Andrew Carnegie, through the Edgar Thoms ...


Historic districts in Centre County, Pennsylvania


Centre County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Brandywine Greene


Lukens Historic District

The Lukens Historic District encompasses four properties in Coatesville, Pennsylvania associated with the 19th and early 20th-century history of the Lukens Steel Company and the family of Rebecca Lukens. Lukens was the first woman to head a major ...


Historic districts in Chester County, Pennsylvania


Chester County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Byrnesville, Pennsylvania

Byrnesville was a town located in Conyngham Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States. It was located about halfway between Centralia and Ashland. In 1985, the population of Byrnesville was approximately 75. Byrnesville was founded i ...


Historic districts in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania


Chambers Hill, Pennsylvania

Chambers Hill is a community in Swatara Township in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. It is located in the area between 40 degrees 1541 North and 76 degrees 4842 West, between Harrisburg and Hershey. With ranges in elevation from 415–660 feet a view ...


Crooked Hill

Crooked Hill is a neighborhood in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and is a suburb of the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The name Crooked Hill is derived from Crooked Hill Road, which has many different neighborhoods located ...


Shoop Site (36DA20)

Shoop Site is a prehistoric archaeological site in Jackson Township and Wayne Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. It is the site of a large Paleoindian campsite, dated to 9.000-9.500 BC. It was first discovered in the 1930s by George Gordon, ...


Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Registered Historic Place stubs


Historic districts in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

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