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Conservative synagogues in Minnesota


Conservative synagogues in Missouri


Synagogues in Upstate New York


Conservative synagogues in New York (state)


Former synagogues in New York (state)


Orthodox synagogues in New York (state)


Conservative synagogues in Ohio


Orthodox synagogues in Ohio


Reform synagogues in Ohio


Conservative synagogues in Oregon


Conservative synagogues in Pennsylvania


Orthodox synagogues in Pennsylvania


Reconstructionist synagogues in Pennsylvania


Unaffiliated synagogues in Pennsylvania


Conservative synagogues in Texas


Former synagogues in Texas


Orthodox synagogues in Texas


Congregation Kol Ami (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Congregation Kol Ami is a synagogue located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is affiliated with both the Union for Reform Judaism and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and, according to the synagogue, it serves 25% of the Jewish families i ...


Conservative synagogues in Vermont


Modern Orthodox Judaism in Maryland


Modern Orthodox Judaism in New Jersey


Orthodox yeshivas in New Jersey


Orthodox yeshivas in New York (state)


Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery

The Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary is a Jewish cemetery located at 6001 West Centinela Avenue, in Culver City, California, United States. Many Jews from the entertainment industry are buried here. The cemetery is known for Al Jolsons elabora ...


Synagogues in Baltimore County, Maryland


Synagogues in Montgomery County, Maryland


Sharon Memorial Park, Massachusetts

Sharon Memorial Park is a Jewish cemetery located in Sharon, Massachusetts.This memorial park was established in 1948, the same year as the formation of Israel, it is situated on 317 acres of land within the towns of Sharon and Canton.


Jewish Cemetery (Port Gibson, Mississippi)

The cemetery was established in 1871 by Louis Kiefer, Mayer Bock, and Moses Kaufman. Members of the Jewish Cemetery of Port Gibson Association paid an annual fee of US$2.50. They subsequently established a trust fund held by the Southern Mississi ...


Mock Buckthorn

Sageretia is a genus of about 35 species of shrubs and small trees in the family Rhamnaceae, native to southern and eastern Asia and northeast Africa. They have small green leaves 1.5–4 cm long, and a leathery multicoloured trunk. The flowers are ...


Epstein Hebrew Academy

H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a Jewish day school in University City, Missouri. It was established in 1943 and was the first Jewish day school in St. Louis. The school is named for the first chief rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish community of St. Lo ...


Synagogues in Nassau County, New York


Synagogues in Suffolk County, New York


Synagogues in Sullivan County, New York


History of the Jews in Brazos County, Texas

Jewish settlement in Brazos County, Texas, began in 1865. This history includes the present Jewish communities and individuals of Brazos County and Texas A&M University.


Beth Israel Cemetery (Houston)


Beth Jacob Cemetery


Archeological Site No. 1WI50

Archeological Site No. 1WI50 is an archaeological site in the Sipsey Wilderness of the William B. Bankhead National Forest in Winston County, Alabama. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 14, 1985. The site, spread ...


Choctaw Corner

The Choctaw Corner is a former Native American boundary location near the modern border between Clarke and Marengo counties in Alabama, United States. It was established as the northernmost terminus for a mutually agreed upon boundary line betwee ...


Rock Creek Archeological District

The Rock Creek Archeological District is a pair of archaeological sites near Maud, Colbert County, Alabama. The sites contain remnants from the Archaic, Gulf Formational, Woodland, and Mississippian Periods. One of the sites, ACt 44, shows eviden ...


Harrington Archaeological Site

The Harrington Archaeological Site, also known as the Alabama Archaeological Survey 1 Mt 231, is the site of a Native American settlement along Catoma Creek in modern Montgomery County, Alabama. The site contains numerous artifacts from the Callo ...


Yuchi Town Site

Yuchi Town Site, or Yuchi Town, is a late prehistoric and historic era archaeological site showing occupation of both the Apalachicola and of Yuchi tribes. The site is located in a remote area of Fort Benning, Russell County, Alabama. The Yuchi T ...


Birnirk Site

The Birnirk Site is an archaeological site near Barrow, Alaska. It includes sixteen prehistoric mounds which have yielded evidence of very early Birnirk and Thule culture. It is the type site of the Birnirk culture, and was designated a National ...


Chaluka Site

The Chaluka Site is a prehistoric archaeological site and National Historic Landmark in Nikolski, Alaska, on Umnak Island in the Aleutian Islands of southwestern Alaska. The site documents more than 4.000 years of more-or-less continuous occupati ...


Dakah Denins Village Site

The Dakah Denins Village Site is an archaeological site near Chitina, Alaska. The site, first identified in 1971 and excavated in 1973, is named for an Ahtna clan chief who the local people believe lived there. Materials recovered at the site inc ...


Yukon Island

Yukon Island is an island in outer Kachemak Bay, an inlet of the Cook Inlet of south central Alaska. The island is located about 9 miles south of Homer. The island is archaeologically sensitive, with a number of sites documenting the prehistory o ...


Little Mulberry Indian Mounds

The Little Mulberry Indian Mounds are a series of carefully stacked rock piles located in Little Mulberry Park, Dacula, Georgia. In 1990, architect Michael Garrow counted 200 of these stone mounds while surveying the land ahead of a proposed golf ...


Park Mound

The Park Mound Site is a destroyed archaeological site located near Yellow Jacket Creek in Troup County, Georgia, USA. It was investigated by Harold Huscher and a team of University of Georgia students in the early 1970s.


Sandtown, Georgia

As Sandtown is an unincorporated community with no official recognition, the definition of its borders varies. The borders of Sandtown according to the petition for annexation to Atlanta are: Campbellton Road to the north, Atlanta Arlington Estat ...


Mock carrot tree

Seemannaralia gerrardii, commonly known as the wild-maple or mock carrot tree, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae. It is the sole member of genus Seemannaralia, and is endemic to South Africa, where it occurs in the Eastern ...


Red Bird River Petroglyphs

The Red Bird River Petroglyphs, also known as the Red Bird Petroglyphs are a series of petroglyphs, or carvings, on a stone in Clay County, Kentucky. The rock originally was situated along the Red Bird River but was moved to a park in Manchester ...

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