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Ben Carrington


Claudia Carrington


Dana Carrington


Danny Carrington


Krystina Carrington


Leslie Carrington


Sammy Jo


Tom Carrington (Dynasty 1981)


Tom Carrington (Dynasty character)


Cecil Colby


Cecil Colby (Dynasty 1981)


L. B. Colby


L.B. Colby


Little Blake Colby


Lauren Colby


Michael Culhane (Dynasty 1981)


Sarah Curtis (Dynasty character)


Peter de Vilbis


Peter De Vilbis


Sammy Jo Dean


Chris Deegan


Jackie Deveraux


Jacqueline "Jackie" Deveraux




Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter


Sam Dexter


Ted Dinard


Ted Dinard (Dynasty 1981)


Tony Driscoll


Jake Dunham


Jonas Edwards


Elena, Duchess of Branagh


Bart Fallmont


Buck Fallmont


Clay Fallmont


Emily Fallmont


Luke Fuller


King Galen of Moldavia


Gerard (Dynasty character)


Gerard (Dynasty)


Krystle Grant


Roger Grimes (Dynasty character)


Hilda Gunnerson


Mrs. Gunnerson


William Handler


Josh Harris (Dynasty character)


Morgan Hess


Krystle Jennings


Mark Jennings (Dynasty 1981)


Mark Jennings (Dynasty character)

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