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Ivan Renshaw


Jacinta Myers


Jack Foster (Neighbours)


Jacka Hills


Greta Jackson


James Udagawa


Jamie-Lee Duggan


Jana Noviak


Jasmine Udagawa


Jeff Greenwood


Jemima Davies-Smythe


Bryson Jennings


Eric Jensen (Neighbours)


Sandy Jensen


Jeremy Lord


Jeremy Newell


Jeremy Sluggett


Jessie Ross


Jill Ramsay


Jimmy Williams (Neighbours)


Joanne Schwartz


John Doe (Neighbours)


Shannon Jones (Neighbours)


Josh Taylor(Neighbours)


Julie Quill


Justin Black


Justine Pearson


Karen Constantine


Kate Newton (neighbours)


Katerina Torelli


Katherine Simpson


Deidre Kaufmann


Kazuko Sano


Kenny Larkin (Neighbours)


Kerry Mangel (junior)


Kerry Mangel II


Kerry Mangel, Jr.


Kev Duve


Kev McNally


Kevin Casey (Neighbours)


Kevin Rebecchi


Kim Tanaka


Michelle Kim


Kirk Mansfield


Dougal Kirk


Minnie Kirk


Ron Kirk (Neighbours)


Rose Kirk


Kirsha Rebecchi


Natasha Kovac

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