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Caspar Smythe


Adrian Snyder


Hugo Somers


Sondra Pike


Squirrel (Neighbours)


Abbie Stafford


Stanley Neve


Stephen Armstrong (Neighbours)


Steve Fisher (Neighbours)


Steve Van Eck


Adam Stevens (Neighbours)


Freya Stone


Kelvin Stubbs


John Swan (Neighbours)


T-Bone (Neighbours)


Tamsin Caldo


Rain Taylor


Teabag Teasdale


Therese Bray


Charlie Thorpe (character)


Tia Martinez


Tim Buckley (Neighbours)


Tina Bentley


Tom Quill


Tom Weaver


Tony Romeo (Neighbours)


Andrea Townsend


Bradley Townsend


Megan Townsend


Tracey Cox (Neighbours)


Beth Travers


Travis Dean (Neighbours)


Trish Longley


Lisa Tucker (Neighbours)


David Turner (Neighbours)


Sally Upton


Valda Cassidy


Vera Carmichael


Vera Punt


Victoria Lamb


Vikram Chatterji


Wally Walters


Hudson Walsh


Roger Walsh (Neighbours)


Tania Walsh


Walter Mitchell (2013 character)


Walter Mitchell (2016 character)


Jayden Warley


Wayne Baxter


Wayne Peterson (Neighbours)

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