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Bhil Agency


Poona Agency


Vizagapatam Hill Tracts Agency

Agency, Vizagapatam hill tracts is an institution in the presidency of Madras, British India. The Agency is Autonomous and controlled by an agent subordinate to the district collector of Vizagapatam district.


Isagarh District

Isagarh district is a former administrative district of the princely state of Gwalior in Central India. The state of Gwalior, existed from 18 century until shortly after Indias independence in 1947. Geographically, the district includes most mode ...



Kaladgi village Panchayat in the Taluka Bagalkot district, Karnataka and is located about 25 km West of the city of Bagalkot. Kaladgi is well known for its orchards.


Montgomery District

Montgomery district was an administrative district of the former Punjab province of British India, now Pakistan. Named after sir Robert Montgomery, it lay in the Bari Doab, or the tract between the rivers Ravi and Sutlej, extending to Ravi in Rec ...


Dacca Division


Kagal Junior


Kagal Senior



Nimkhera was under the administrative control of the state fireworks Dhar, initially as Bhumiate Zamindar of the property as amnii. It covers 233 square kilometers km2, consists of 91 villages, with a population at one point 8.276, and the income ...



Vishalgad was jagery in the Maratha Empire and then part of the Agency of the Dean of States of the British Raj. It is governed by the Deshastha Brahmin, who was the vassal of the Kolhapur state.


Agra Presidency

The presidents of Agra is one of the six northwestern provinces of British India. He had a square 9.479 square miles and a population of about 4.500.000. The post Agra was established on 14 November 1834 in accordance with the provisions of the g ...


Bengal Presidency


Provinces of British India


Agra Province

The province of Agra was part of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh of British India in the last decades of the British Raj, from 1904 until 1947, it meets the United Provinces Act 1, 1904) to the former regions, ceded and conquered provinces ...


Central Provinces and Berar


Residencies of British India

The residence of the British India were political offices, each managed by a resident who is versed in diplomatic form, in essence, a colonial relationship between the British India and each of them usually territorial or a set of native rulers o ...


Aden Residency


Jaipur Residency


Ecuador Department

3 Upland and 15 cantons: Province Of Pichincha. Capital: Quito. Cantons: Quito, Machachi, Latacunga, Quijos g Esmeraldas. The Province Of Imbabura. The Capital Is Ibarra. Cantons: Ibarra, Otavalo, Cotacachi g Cayambe. The Province Of Chimborazo. ...


Guayaquil Department

Guayaquil Department was one of the departments of Gran Colombia. It borders The Ecuador Department in the East. The Pacific ocean in the West. The Department of Azuay in the South.


Magdalena Department (Gran Colombia)

The Department of Magdalena was one of the subdivisions of Gran Colombia bordered to the East of the Department of Zulia, in the southern Department of boyacá, Cundinamarca Department, Cauca Department.


Loja Province (Gran Colombia)

The province of Loja was one of the provinces of Gran Colombia. The capital was Loy. The cantons were: Loy, capacocha, Cariamanga g Zaruma.


Trujillo Province (Gran Colombia)


War Merit Cross (Lippe)

The war cross was a military decoration of the Principality of Lippe. Established on 8 December 1914, by Leopold IV, Prince of Lippe, it could be awarded to combatants and non-combatants for significant contributions to the war effort. The cross ...


Austrian Circle


Bavarian Circle


Franconian Circle


Swabian Circle


Upper Saxon Circle


Czernihow Voivodeship


Krakow Voivodeship (14th century – 1795)


Podlachian Voivodeship


Sandomierz Voivodeship


Bielsk Land

Bielsk Land was an administrative unit of the Grand Duchy, Polish Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Established in 1413, he belonged to the Lithuanian Trakai Voivodeship. In 1513 she became part of the newly established Podlaskie Voivodeship, and fro ...


Chelmno Land

Chełmno land is a historical region located in Central and Northern Poland. Chełmno land named after the city of chełmno historically also known as Culm. The largest city in the region of Torun, greater the city of grudziądz. It is located on the ...


Czersk Land

Czersk Land was an administrative unit of the Kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. With its capital in the city of Czersk, he belonged to Masovian Voivodeship. The history of Czersk Land, as a separate administrative unit dat ...


Lukow County

Łuków County is a unit of territorial administration and local government in Lublin Voivodeship, in Eastern Poland. It was created on 1 January 1999, the result of the Polish local government reforms adopted in 1998. Its administrative center and ...


Przemysl Land

Land Przemysl was an administrative unit in Kievan Rus, Polish Kingdom and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It existed since the integration of the Peremyshl Principality in the Kingdom of Russia until 1772, and was one of the five lands of Po ...


List of states of the Portuguese Empire

This is a list of territories of the Portuguese Empire, which was officially called "States": The state of Grao-para and Rio Negro, Estado do Grao-para e Rio Negro 1772-1775. The state of Maranhao and Piaui state of Maranhao e Piaui 1772-1775. Br ...


Cappenberg Castle

Cappenberg castle is a former Premonstratensian monastery, the Abbey of Cappenberg in Cappenberg, a part of Selm, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. It stands on a hill, in Cappenberg, near lünen and Werne, and an observation deck overlooking the ...


Turkestan Krai


Oblasts of the Russian Empire

Areas of the Russian Empire was considered to be administrative units and were included as parts of governorates General or edges. Most of the existing areas were located on the periphery of the country or in areas where Cossacks lived.


Akmolinsk Oblast (Russian Empire)


Amur Oblast (Russian Empire)


Fergana Oblast


Kars Oblast


Kuban Oblast


Samarkand Oblast

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