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New Compton Street

New Compton street is a street in the London borough of Camden, which runs from the street to Staceys on South St. the high street Giles in the North. It overlaps at Saint Giles passage. At its southern end on the Western side, is the Phoenix gar ...


North Brixton

Charles Roger DoD 1793-1855, the writer of the parliamentary and genealogical works. Ernest Stafford Carlos 1883-1917, artist and martial artist. Thomas Gaspey 1788-1871, writer.


Northwick Park

Northwick Park-a large green Park between harrow and KENTON in North-West London, part of Londons Brent. Most of the Park consists of playing fields. It is also the name of the constituency of Brent, which covers the Park and the area around the ...


Pavilion Road

Pavilion road is a street in Chelsea in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. It runs parallel to the street, Sloane street and square, by Sloane square in the southern part of Basil street and at the North end. After consultation ...


Pearce & Plenty

Pierce and a chain of working class restaurants in London, formed in the late 19th century. His motto is: "Quality, efficiency, delivery". The company was started by John Pierce at the coffee shop on the corner of East road and city road, which h ...


Putney School of Art and Design

Putney school of art and design-Art College in Putney, a suburb in southwest London, England. It was founded by sir William Lancaster, Baron Pollock and Sir Arthur Jeff in 1883. PPSA offers programs the art program in the five specialized studios ...


Rathbone Place

Rathbone place is a street in Central London, which runs roughly North-West from Oxford street to Percy street. it connects the Eastern side of Percy Mews, St Gress, and Evelyn yard. The street is mostly retail and office space.


Rathbone Street

Rathbone street is a street in London which runs between Charlotte Street to the North and at the junction of Rathbone place and Percy Street to the South. The street is partly in the London borough of Camden and partly in Westminster. In the Nor ...


Rosebery Avenue

Rosebery Avenue is a major thoroughfare in the borough of Camden and Islington, London. It begins southwest of the intersection with the tickets theobalds road, Holborn, and ends in the North-East Saint John-street, Westminster. It is located wit ...


St Annes Churchyard

St Annes churchyard, also known as the gardens of St. Anne, is a public Park on Wardour street in SOHO, London. Cemetery St. Annes in SOHO, it was closed for burials in 1853. It was laid out as a garden by the Association of the Metropolitan publ ...


Stacey Street, London

Stacey street is a street in the London borough of Camden, which operates from Shaftesbury Avenue in the South to the streets Flitcroft in the North. It is joined on its East side of new Compton street and the West side of the Phoenix that gave i ...


Store Street, London

The street running between Gower street and Tottenham Court road. Joins in Ridgmount street on its North side. Stour street runs parallel with the street and Chenies Alfred the junction of the two. Southern Crescent is located on the South side o ...


Theobalds Road

Tickets theobalds road is a road in Holborn in London. It is named after the Palace tickets theobalds, because king James I used this route when going between them and London, travelling with his court and the Luggage of about 200 wagons. For thi ...


Torrington Place

Torrington place is a street in London which runs between Tottenham Court road in the West and Bing place in the East. He moved to HUNTLEY street and Gower street. Chenies Mews connects it on the North side and continues Ridgmount gardens on the ...


Tower Street, Covent Garden

Tower Street is a street in Covent garden, in Londons Camden. It extends from the Earlham street in the North to Monmouth Street to the South and is crossed only by pedestrian tower court.


Upper Grosvenor Street

Upper Grosvenor Street is a historic street in Mayfair, London, UK. It runs from the Grosvenor house hotel off Park lane at the US Embassy Grosvenor square. Embassy of Monaco is at number 7. Odey asset management, a hedge Fund Crispin Odey, is at ...


Wandsworth High Street

Wandsworth high street-the main shopping street in London, England. It is part of the London inner ring road, South ring road, is also part of the West A3. The street runs from West to East, from the West Hill and East hill, forming a continuatio ...


Zetter Hotel

Hotel London hotel in London, located close to the 86-88 Clerkenwell road, London. This hotel belongs to Zetter, owned by investors mark Sainsbury is the son of John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover, Michael Benyan and Jason Catifeo ...


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Castles in the Harz


Castles in Saxon Switzerland


Alte Roder Nature Reserve

Old Roder nature reserve is situated on the left Bank of the Black Elster river, between the village of Prieschka in the town of bad Liebenwerda and the village Wurdenhain which owns Roderland. It is located in the lower Lusatian Heath nature Par ...


Holzdorf Air Base

Holzdorf air base is a military airfield operated by the German air force. It is located 1.8 miles East of Holzdorf, a subdivision of the municipality of the city of Essen in Germany, in Saxony-Anhalt. It is also known as Air base Schonewalde / H ...


Kremitz (river)

In Kremitz is a river in Germany, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. It is a tributary of river Black Elster, connecting with him Monchenhofe in the County of Wittenberg. The section of the river, which is located in Saxony-Anhalt is about six kilome ...



In Kutschenberg the highest hill in Brandenburg, Germany. It is part of low range hill Kmehlener Berge and stands next to GroSkmehlen in the County Oberspreewald-Lausitz. Is 201 m above sea level and located just a few meters from the state borde ...



In Tarnitz is a tributary of Locknitz in southwest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and North Brandenburg in Germany. About 14 km river has its source in a small woodland on the municipal boundary between Muchow and Stolpe at a height of about 42 meters ab ...


Buildings and structures in Prignitz


Localities in Prignitz


Palatine-Saarland Muschelkalk Region

Palatine-Saarland Muschelkalk region, or the Palatine-Saarland-Lorraine Muschelkalk region is a natural area of the third order in the South-West of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saar to southern Germany and on the French side of the border, in No ...


Parkstein (hill)

In Parkstein, also called the Hoher Parkstein and Basaltkegel Hoher Parkstein is a well-known local hill and tourist destination in Steinwald the mountains of Central Germany. It is located 10 kilometres North-West of Weiden in der Oberpfalz in t ...


Spessart Nature Park

In the Spessart nature Park with an area of 2.440 km2 within German range of the hill known as Spessart. The geological Foundation, the natural Park is formed of Bunter Sandstone slabs, approximately 400 metres thick, which focused on the South-E ...


Hills of the Spessart


Rivers of the Spessart


Kinzig (Main)

In the Kinzig is a river, 87 miles, in southern Hesse, Germany. It is a right tributary of the main. Its spring is situated in the Spessart in Sterbfritz, near Schlüchtern. In the Kinzig flows into the main in Hanau. Main-Kinzig-Kreis was named a ...


Rivers of the Vogelsberg


Ponniyin Selvan (web series)

Ponniyin Selvan is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language historical web series drama. It is based on the five parts of the novel called Ponniyin Selvan was written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. He is the co-producer MX player and 6 may entertainment with c ...


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Mengalum Island

Mengalum island is an island located in the West coast division of Sabah in the South China sea in Malaysia. The island is one popular destination for Chinese tourists in Sabah.


Bilal Gunj

Bilal Ganj or Bilal Gunj is a famous market in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Market Bilal Ganja is located near the tomb of a Sufi Saint ’the data Ganj Bakhsh’.


Aladdin City, Dubai


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