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Germaine Pratt born 1998, American football player. Germaine Koh born 1967, Malaysian-born Canadian artist. Germaine Schnitzer 1888-1982, French-born American pianist. Germaine Tailleferre 1892-1983, French composer. Germaine Cousin 1579-1601, Fr ...



Germanus is the singular form of the Latin term Germani. A probably related meaning for the word in Latin is "brother", cognate to gernan "seed". Herman Latin or Greek may refer to:



Gertie the Duck, a 1997 sculpture of a mallard that roosted under a bridge in Milwaukee. Gertie the Dinosaur, a 1914 film and the name of the titular character, a fictional dinosaur.



Gervaise Cooke 1911–1976, British Royal Navy officer and Naval Secretary. François Armand Gervaise 1660–1761, French Discalced Carmelite and historian. Isaac Gervaise c. 1680–1739, English merchant and economist. Tony Gervaise born 1955, Scottish ...



Georgian Stock Exchange, or GeSE. Germanium selenide, a chemical compound with the formula GeSe. Graded Examinations in Spoken English GESE, of the Trinity College London ESOL examinations board.



Gesualdo Lanza 1779–1859, Italian teacher of music who made his career in London. Gesualdo Bufalino 1920–1996, Italian writer. Gesualdo Francesco Ferri 1728–1788, Italian painter. Gesualdo Piacenti born 1954, Italian professional football player.



Geʽez, a Semitic language native to Eritrea and Ethiopia. Shelbyville Municipal Airport Indiana. Gebuhreneinzugszentrale der offentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland transl. Fee Collection Center of the Public Br ...



Karim Ghani, politician in South-East Asia of Indian origin. Tanveer Ghani, British Asian actor. Ahmed Yasin Ghani born 1991, Iraqi footballer of Kurdish descent. Ashraf Ghani Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, born 1949, President of Afghanistan. E ...



Qarib means near or familiar. Gharib, written differently, means strange or stranger. Although the pronunciation of the two words vary slightly, the difference is often imperceptible. Both are commonly transliterated into English as "gharib".


Gherkin (disambiguation)

Melothria scabra, commonly known as "Mexican sour gherkin", usually pickled. Cucumber § Gherkin, a common name for these varieties of Cucumis sativus which are typically grown as a field crop and produce small fruits, which are usually pickled. C ...



Ghiyas may refer to: Ghiyas ud din Balban 1200-1286, ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. Ghiyas, Iran, a village in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Mirza Ghiyas Beg 17th century, important Mughal official.


Ghulam Ali

Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel born 1945, Iranian philosopher and politician. Gholam Ali Oveisi 1918–1984 Iranian general. Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi 1743–1824, Sufi Shaykh in Delhi. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan 1902–1968, Indian classical singer who belonged to th ...



Amos Gilad 1941–2010, Israeli Olympic runner. Avri Gilad born 1962, Israeli media personality. Yehuda Gilad musician, professor of clarinet at the Colburn School of music. Yehuda Gilad politician born 1955, former Israeli politician. Zrubavel Gil ...


Gilda (disambiguation)

Gilda E. Nardone, American womens employment advocate and nonprofit director. Gilda Jacobs born 1949, Democratic member of the Michigan Senate. Gilda Dalla Rizza 1892-1975, Italian operatic soprano. Gilda Cordero-Fernando, writer and publisher fr ...



Or name-element, meaning "boyservant" Gilla singer born 1950, stage name of an Austrian disco-era singer.


Gillie (disambiguation)

A gillie or ghillie is an assistant who attends to a person who is hunting or fishing in Scotland. Ghillie, Gilly or Gill may also refer to: Ghillie kettle, a type of portable water boiler. Ghillie Dhu, a Scottish faerie. Ghillie brogues, a type ...



Gimli may refer to: Rural Municipality of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. Gimli electoral district, a provincial electoral district in Manitoba. Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. (Гимли, Манитоба, Канада) Gimli Middle-earth, a fictional character in The Lord of ...



Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis. (Глюкокортикоид-индуцированного остеопороза) GIO software, a library for accessing virtual file-systems. Gibioctet, a unit of digital information. GIO, a computer bus. 11084 Gio, a main belt asteroid. Samsung ...



Giordano Bobone Orsini died after 1154, aka Jordan of Santa Susanna, Carthusian monk, created Cardinal Deacon. Giordano surname. (Фамилия Джордано) Umberto Giordano 1867–1948, Italian composer of operas. Giordano Vitale 1633–1711, mathematician. ...



Austin Gipsy, a British off-road vehicle produced 1958–1967. Gipsy -class destroyer, a Royal Navy ship class. De Havilland Gipsy, a British aircraft engine designed in 1927. HMS Gipsy, the name of several Royal Navy ships.



Girard, Georgia. (Жирар, Грузия) Girard Township, Michigan. (Жирар-Тауншип, Штат Мичиган) Girard Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Girard, Ohio. (Жирар, Огайо) Girard, Alabama. (Жирар, Алабама) Girard, Kansas. (Жирар, Канзас) Girard, Ill ...



Gisulf is the name of several figures in the political history of Italy: Gisulf II of Benevento. Gisulf I of Salerno. Gisulf II of Friuli. Gisulf II of Salerno. Gisulf of Spoleto. (Gisulf Сполето) Gisulf I of Friuli. Gisulf I of Benevento.



Giulia Hindermann born 1994, German artistic gymnast. Giulia Gorlero born 1990, Italian water polo goalkeeper. Giulia Botti born 1980, Italian ski mountaineer and triathlete. Giulia Villoresi born 1984, Italian writer. Giulia Lazzarini born 1934, ...


Gladstone (disambiguation)

William Ewart Gladstone was a British Liberal and earlier conservative politician, and four-time Prime Minister. Gladstone may also refer to:



Gnaeus, also spelled Cnaeus, was a Roman praenomen derived from the Latin naevus, a birthmark. It was a common name borne by many individuals throughout Roman history, including:


Goby (disambiguation)

A goby is a small fish whose pelvic fins are fused to form a disc-shaped sucker. Goby may also refer to: Goby search engine, a travel ticket search engine. Goby Lake, in Palau. Goby, on the American / Canadian animated television series Bubble Gu ...



Godric of Mappestone fl. 1086, Anglo-Saxon thane and landowner mentioned in the Domesday Book. Godric the Sheriff died 1066, 11th-century sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Godric of Winchcombe, a medieval abbot of Winchcombe Abbey. Godric ...



Mike Godwin born 1956, American lawyer, created Godwins law of Internet discussions mentioning Hitler. Becky Godwin 1954–1968, daughter of Virginia Governor Godwin, killed by lightning. Glen Stewart Godwin born 1958, American murderer, FBI Ten Mo ...



Golda is a female name popular among Yiddish-speaking Jews, and is written in Hebrew as "גוֹלְדָא". Notable people with this name include: Golda Marcus born 1983, swimmer from El Salvador. Olga Bancic 1912–1944, born Golda Bancic, Jewish Romanian ...



Gonzaga, Minas Gerais, a town in Brazil. Forte Gonzaga, a fort in Messina, Sicily. Gonzaga, Cagayan, a municipality in the Philippines. Gonzaga, Lombardy, a commune in the province of Mantua, Italy.


Good luck (disambiguation)

Goodluck Nanah Opiah, born 1964, Nigerian, a politician and Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. Goodluck Jonathan, born 1957, President of Nigeria.



Goodman NGBC, a fictional boss in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Good man, a hero. Virginia Goodman, a fictional character in Contratiempo. Cyrus Goodman, Disney Channels first gay main character from Andi Mack.



Gopal may refer to: Gandhian Organisation for Peace and Liberty, an organization founded by Jayatirtha Dasa. Gopal Krishna, the infant / child form of Lord Krishna.



Gopinath Mohanty 1914–1991, Odia author. Gopinath Kaviraj 1887–1976, Sanskrit scholar and philosopher. Gopinath Panigrahi 1924–2004, botanist. Gopinath Kallianpur 1925–2015, Indian-American mathematician. Gopinath Munde 1949–2014, Indian politici ...


Gor (disambiguation)

Gor, a mythical elephant in Pygmy Mbuti mythology. Gor, a legendary Norse ancestral hero, brother of Nor. Gor Saga, a 1981 novel by Maureen Duffy, televised as First Born. Gor film, a science fiction and fantasy film, 1987.


Gordy (disambiguation)

Gordie Roberts born 1957, American ice hockey defenseman. Gordie Mitchell born 1933, Canadian football player. Gordie Howe 1928–2016, Canadian ice hockey player. Gordie Sampson born 1971, Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. Gordy Hoffman bo ...



Roman Catholic Diocese of Gore, Chad. Gore Island Baja California, Mexico. Gore, New Zealand, a town and district. Gore, Ethiopia, a town. Gore, Chad, a town. Gore, a former municipality in Korçe County, Albania.



Gorgi Popstefanov born 1987, Macedonian road racing cyclist. Ǵorǵi Hristov born 1976, Macedonian footballer and coach. Gorgi Krasovski, Georgian footballer. Gorgi Sobhi 1884–1964 Egyptian medical professor. Gorgi Coghlan, Australian television pr ...


Gorilla (disambiguation)

The Gorilla 1939 film, a remake starring the Ritz Brothers. The Gorilla 1927 film, a silent film based on the play. Gorilla film, an upcoming Tamil heist comedy thriller film. The Gorilla 1930 film, a sound remake of the 1927 film.



Gorley may refer to: People Roger Gorley, forcibly removed from his hospitalized same-sex partner at the Research Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Les Gorley born 1950, English former professional rugby league footballer. Peter Gorley born ...



Gospatric II, Earl of Lothian died 1138, Earl of Lothian or Dunbar. Gospatricsson, the family name of the Earls of Dunbar. Gospatric III, Earl of Lothian died 1166, Earl of Lothian and Dunbar. Cospatric or Gospatric, Earl of Northumbria died afte ...



Gote Rosengren, Swedish footballer who played as defender. Gote Malm, Swedish footballer who played as midfielder. Gote Dahl, Swedish footballer who played as forward. Gote Almqvist 1921 – 1994, Swedish ice hockey player. Gote Carlsson, Swedish s ...



Gouki or Gōki or Gooki may refer to: Gouki Beyblade, a character in Beyblade media. Akuma Street Fighter, a character in the Street Fighter video game series known as Gouki in the Japanese versions. Gooki, Iran, a village in Fars Province, Iran. ...



Veronique Gouverneur born 1964, professor of chemistry. Gouverneur K. Warren 1830–1882, engineer and Union Army general during American Civil War. R. Gouverneur, French physician after whom Gouverneur’s syndrome is named. Gouverneur Morris 1752–1 ...


Govan (disambiguation)

Govan Hinds, contestant in Big Brother in the UK. Govan Mbeki 1910–2001, South African politician, father of Thabo Mbeki. St Govan died 586, Irish monk in Pembrokeshire, Wales.



Goyo Vargas b. 1970, Mexican boxer. Gregorio Diaz Alfonso "Goyo" 1929–1996, Cuban rumba musician, co-founder of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. Goyo Benito b. 1946, Spanish footballer. Gregorio Hernandez Rios "El Goyo" 1936–2012, Cuban rumba musician ...



Gràcia, a district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Passeig de Gràcia, a street. Carrer Gran de Gràcia, a street. Travessera de Gràcia, a street. Alta Gracia, a city located in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina.


Grantland (disambiguation)

Grantland was a sports and pop-culture blog owned and operated by ESPN. Grantland may also refer to: Grant Land, northernmost point of Canada. Grantland Johnson 1948–2014, American politician and public administrator. Grantland Rice 1880–1954, Am ...



Greet may refer to: In Scottish English, to greet is to cry. GREET Model. (Приветствую модель) Greet, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom. River Greet, a river in Nottinghamshire. Greet communication, a way for human beings to inte ...



Grenfell Tower, building in London, UK. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Grenfell Centre, Adelaide, Australia, an office block. Grenfell railway station, New South Wales, Australia.