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Mario Jann born 1980, German ice hockey player. Michael Patrick Jann born 1970, American actor, writer and director. Peter Jann born 1935, Austrian jurist.


Janus (disambiguation)

Janus concurrent constraint programming language. Janus attack, an alternative name of a Man-in-the-middle attack. Janus protocol, a file transfer protocol for use on bulletin board systems. Janus Recognition Toolkit JRTk, a general purpose speec ...


Japheth (disambiguation)

Japheth is one of the sons of Noah in the Bible. Japheth may also refer to: Japheth Kimutai born 1978, Kenyan middle distance runner. Israel Meyer Japhet 1818–1892, German cantor and grammarian. Levi ben Japheth 11th century, Karaite Jewish schol ...



Jarod is an alternative form of Jared and other variants like Jarred, Jarrad, Jarryd. The meaning of the name Jarod: spear, strong in Greek and not in Hebrew. Variant and surname form of Garrett from Gerald.



Jarrett Allen born 1998, American basketball player. Jarrett surname, including people with the surname Jarratt, Jarret, or Jarrott. Jarrett Stidham born 1996, American football player. Jarret Thomas, American snowboarder. Jarrett Culver born 199 ...



Jas Binag, Indo-British model and actor. Jas Mann born 1971, British musician. Jas Elsner born 1962, British art historian and classicist. Jas Arora, Indian model and actor. Jas Gawronski born 1936, Italian journalist and politician. Jas H. Duke ...



Jasmin, French name for Jacques Jasmin 1798–1864, French poet. Jasmin given name, a given name derived from Jasmine, the flower. Jasmin singer born 1977, Russian pop singer, actress, model, and TV presenter.



Jaune may refer to: Jaune album, a 1970 album by Jean-Pierre Ferland. Carte Jaune, an international certificate of vaccination. Vin jaune, a type of wine. Jewna or Jaune, Lithuanian Grand Duchess.


Javan (disambiguation)

Javan was a descendant of Noah, according to the Hebrew Bible. Javan may also refer to: Radio Javan, an online Persian radio station based in the United States. Something of, from, or related to the Indonesian island of Java.



Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Jax, Haute-Loire, France. (Джекс, Верхняя Луара, Франция) Jacksonville International Airport. (Международный Аэропорт Джексонвилл) Jacksonville station, Amtrak station. Jacksonville, Florida, United States.



Jayadev, Jayadeva, or Jayadeb may refer to: Jayadeva born c. 1170, a Sanskrit poet. Jayadev Odisha Vidhan Sabha constituency. Jayadev film, a 2017 Telugu film by Jayanth C. Paranjee. Joydeb, a 1965 Bengali film about Jayadeva by Pinaki Mukherjee. ...



Jayam may refer to: Jayam 1999 film, a Tamil film by Ravi Raja. Jayam 2002 film, a Telugu film by Teja. Jayam 2006 film, a Malayalam film by Sonu Sisupal. Jayam 2003 film, a Tamil film by M. Raja.



Jayanti, Tangerang, a subdistrict of Tangerang Regency, Banten, Indonesia. Jayanti Devi Temple, Haryana, India. Jayanti Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in Bhilai, India. Jayanti, Alipurduar, a small forest village within Buxa Tiger Reserve in Al ...



Jayshree may refer to: Jayshree T., Indian Marathi actress and dancer. Jayshree Ullal, American businesswoman. Jayshree Arora, Indian actress, dancer. Jayshree Khadilkar, Indian chess player. Jayshree Gadkar, Indian Marathi and Hindi film actress ...



Jaz Rabadia MBE, Energy professional. Jazmin Carlin born 1990, Welsh swimmer. Jaz Coleman born 1960, English musician and record producer. Jaz Sinclair born 1994, American actor. Jaz musician, American urban pop singer Jazmine Graham. Jaz Lochrie ...


Jazz (disambiguation)

Jazz mobile network operator, a mobile network operator in Pakistan. Jazz computer, a development platform used by Microsoft. IBM Jazz, a team collaboration platform. Lotus Jazz, a spreadsheet program for Macintosh.


Jeh (disambiguation)

Jeh, a.k.a. Jahi is the Zoroastrian demoness of lust. Jeh or JEH may also refer to: Tata Jeh automobile, a.k.a. Tata Nano. Jeh language, spoken in Laos and Vietnam. Jeh Airport, in South Pacific. The Journal of Economic History, an academic journal.



Jensen Oval, Sydney, Australia, a soccer park. West Jensen Island in Greenland. East Jensen Island in Greenland. Jensen Beach, Florida, United States, a census-designated place. Jensen, Utah, United States, a census-designated place.


Jericho (disambiguation)

Jericho, Nairobi, an estate in Kenya. Jericho Governorate, West Bank, Palestine. Jericho, the medieval name of Oricum, in what is now Albania. Jericho Road, part of Route 417 in Israel.



South America Roman Catholic Diocese of Jerico, with see in the above city. Jerico, Antioquia, a municipality in the department of Antioquia, Colombia. Jerico, Paraiba, a municipality in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. Jerico, Boyaca, a municipalit ...


Jerome (disambiguation)

Jerry Jerome saxophonist 1912–2001, American musician. Jerome K. Jerome 1859–1927, British author. William Jerome 1865–1932, American songwriter. David Jerome 1829–1896, governor of Michigan. James Jerome 1933–2005, Canadian judge and politician. ...



Jes Psaila born 1964, Maltese guitarist. Jes Macallan born 1982, American actress. Jes musician, American singer and songwriter. Jes Bundsen 1766–1829, Danish painter and etcher. Jes Bertelsen, Danish spiritual teacher and author. Jes Gordon born ...



Jhett may refer to: Jhett Tolentino born 1976, Filipino entertainment producer. JHETT DJ, Japanese DJ and producer of the 2005 song "Just Go". Jack E. Jett 1956–2015, American model and television personality.



Journal of the Institute of Actuaries, the former name of a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Actuaries. Jacksonville International Airport, a medium-to-large airport in the U.S. city of Jacksonville, Florida. Jetstream Internat ...



Jimi may refer to: Jimi Valley, in New Guinea. Jimi system, the administration system of ancient China. Jimi Rural LLG, in Papua New Guinea. "Jimi", a song by The Beastie Boys from their 1994 album Some Old Bullshit. A waist-cloth traditionally w ...



Jingcheng may refer to: Jīngcheng, an alternate Romanization of Changan, an ancient Chinese city. Jingcheng Expressway, the former name of the part of the G45 Daqing–Guangzhou Expressway north of Beijing. Jingcheng, a name for Beijings inner city ...



Jip van den Bos born 1996, Dutch racing cyclist. Kim Jip 1574–1656, Korean scholar. Kwon Jip born 1984, South Korean footballer.



Joca footballer, born 1998, full name Pedro Miguel Miranda Cunha, Portuguese football midfielder. Joca footballer, born 1996, full name Jorge Samuel Figueiredo Fernandes, Portuguese football midfielder. Joca footballer, born 1995, full name João ...



Joffrey can refer to: Joffrey Tower, a Chicago high-rise. Joffrey Ballet, a Chicago-based ballet company. Robert Joffrey, American dancer and founder of the ballet company. Joffrey Reynolds, former professional Canadian football player. Joffrey L ...



Asami Jō born 1975, Japanese pornographic actress. Masako Jō born 1978, Japanese voice actress. Mary Kim Joh 1904–2005, Korean-American composer. Araki Joh, Japanese manga artist. Tiffany Joh born 1986, American professional golfer.



Johannis may refer to: The Johannis or Iohannis, a Latin epic poem in honour of John Troglita, by Flavius Cresconius Corippus. Klaus Johannis born 1959, Romanian teacher and politician. Olaus Johannis Gutho died 1516, Bridgettine monk.



Joi Arcand, Canadian photographer. Joi Cardwell born 1967, American singer-songwriter. Joi Barua, Indian musician. Joi Srivastava, Indian violinist. Joi Williams Felton, American basketball coach. Joi Ito born 1966, Japanese activist, entrepreneu ...



Jola may refer to: Jola fungi, a genus of fungi in the family Auriculariaceae. Jola Jobst 1915–1952, German actress. Jola Sigmond born 1943, Swedish architect. Jola people, an ethnic group of West Africa. Jola languages, a dialect continuum spoke ...


Jona (disambiguation)

Jona may also refer to: Jona is a village of the municipality Rapperswil-Jona in the Wahlkreis of See-Gaster in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Jona River in the cantons of Zurich and St. Gallen in Switzerland. People with the name Yona: ...



Osvaldo Roque Gonçalves da Cruz born 1970, Angolan footballer retired since 2007, nicknamed "Joni".



Jools may refer to: Jools Siviter, character in the television series Spooks. Jools Holland born 1958, English pianist, bandleader and television presenter. Jools Jameson born 1968, British computer game developer. Jools Topp born 1958, one half ...



Joon may refer to: Joon Wolfsberg, German singer and songwriter. Joon Korean name. (Джун название корейский) Joon, a character in the film Benny & Joon. Pieter Joon, Dutch businessman, founded the World Organization Volleyball for Disabled. Joon ...



Josefina is a female name, a feminine form of Joseph. It may refer to: Josefina Muñoz, Chilean artist. Josefina Wettergrund, Swedish writer. Josefina Lopez, Chicana playwright. Josefina Pla, Spanish poet, playwright, art critic, painter and journ ...


Joselo (disambiguation)

Joselo was a Venezuelan actor and comedian. Joselo may also refer to: Joselo Rangel, musician in Cafe Tacuba. Joselo Diaz born 1980, Dominican baseball player.



Jose Antonio Miranda Boacho born 1998, Equatoguinean footballer. Jose Pedro Berenguer Soriano born 1980, Spanish footballer. Jose Antonio Malagon Rubio born 1988, Spanish footballer. Jose Tomas Valdominos born 1970, Spanish footballer.



Jot Goar 1870–1947, American baseball player. Jot ethnic group, of Afghanistan. Jot D. Carpenter 1938–2000, American landscape architect. Jot Agyeman born 1967, Ghanaian actor.



Joven Bustamante, participated in 2007 WPA Mens World Nine-ball Championship. Joven Alba, participated in Billiards and snooker at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games. Joven Yuson, in Manila local elections, 2010. Joven Clarke born 1983, Australian fo ...



Jovita Feitosa 1848–1867, soldier. Jovita Laurusaite born 1956, painter and ceramist. Jovita Idar 1885–1946, journalist, political activist and civil rights worker. Jovita Fontanez, public official. Jovita Gonzalez 1904–1983, folklorist, educator ...



Juarez refers to a number of places and things, most of which are named after Benito Juarez, former President of Mexico. Juárez or juárez may refer to:



Jubal Harshaw, in the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Jubal Early, a bounty hunter in the Firefly TV series. Jubal, a slave trader and crime lord in the Thieves World universe. Jubal Droad, protagonist of the science ficti ...



Julienne, Francophone given name, may refer to: People Julienne Busic born 1948, American writer, political activist, and airplane hijacker. Julienne Mavoungou Makaya, African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council official. Julienne Mathieu ...


Juliet (disambiguation)

"Juliet", a song by Nana Mizuki from the album Magic Attraction. "Juliet", a song by The Pillows from the album Runners High. "Juliet", a song by Stevie Nicks from the album The Other Side of the Mirror. "Juliet", a song by Sonata Arctica from th ...


Julietta (disambiguation)

Juliette, or Key of Dreams, a 1951 French film based on a play by Georges Neveux. Julietta Erbse opera, a 1959 opera by Heimo Erbse. Julietta film, a 1953 French comedy romance film.


Junius (disambiguation)

Junius was the pseudonym of an 18th-century political writer, of strongly Whig principles, notable for his invective against the administrations of the Duke of Grafton and Lord North. Junius may also refer to: Junius or Iunius, the month of June ...



Juno plant, a bulbous iris species from subgenus Scorpiris, an independent genus Juno in some classifications. Juno protein, a protein on the surface of the mammalian egg cell that facilitates fertilisation. Dione juno, a butterfly.