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Inlets of Kitikmeot Region


Inlets of Qikiqtaaluk Region


Ephemeral lake


Intermittent lake


Seasonal lake


Lake Alice (Wyoming)

The 3 miles long, 7.745 feet elevation, 230-acre, and 200 feet max depth Lake Alice is the largest natural lake found in the western portion of the Bridger-Teton National Forest in the state of Wyoming. It is a unique lake that was created thousa ...


Coldwater Lake (Washington)

Coldwater Lake is a barrier lake on the border of Cowlitz County and Skamania County, Washington in the United States. The lake was created during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, which blocked its natural outlet, Coldwater Creek, with volc ...


Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is a deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. At a ...


Thistle landslide


Blackcat Lake

Blackcat Lake is a small meromictic lake in Haliburton, Ontario. The lake has a mean depth of 16.9 metres, and its watershed covers 44 hectares. The lake is regularly stocked with trout. In 2004 a proposal to make the Clear Lake Conservation Rese ...


Crawford Lake


Green Lake (New York)

Green Lake is the larger of the two lakes in Green Lakes State Park, which lies about 9 miles east of downtown Syracuse in Onondaga County, New York. Round Lake is the smaller lake located west of Green Lake. Both lakes are meromictic, which mean ...


Mystic Lakes (Boston)

The Mystic Lakes, consisting of Upper Mystic Lake and Lower Mystic Lake, are closely linked bodies of water in the northwestern suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. The lakes lie at an elevation of 1 meter above sea level, within the towns of Winche ...


Organic Lake

Organic Lake is a lake in the Vestfold Hills in eastern Antarctica. It was formed 6.000 years ago when sea levels were higher; it is isolated, rather shallow, meromictic, a few hundred meters in diameter and has extremely salty water. It has the ...


Round Lake National Natural Landmark

Round Lake National Natural Landmark lies within Green Lakes State Park, which lies a few miles east of the city of Syracuse, New York and adjoining the village of Fayetteville. Round Lake itself and the adjoining 59 acres of old-growth forest we ...


Shrunken lake

A shrunken lake is a still extant natural lake that has permanently shrunk considerably in size over time, possibly to the point where it has divided into two or more smaller lakes. Shrunken lakes include not only lakes that have shrunk in record ...


Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake in Northeastern Hunan Province, China. It is a flood basin of the Yangtze River, so its volume depends on the season. The provinces of Hubei and Hunan are named after their location relative to the lake: Hub ...


Manas Lake

The Manas Lake is a salt lake in Chinas Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. It is located in the western part of the Dzungarian Basin, within the Gurbantunggut Desert. Administratively, the lake is in Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County; the closest ...


Chazy River

Chazy River is the name of two tributaries of Lake Champlain in Clinton County, New York in the United States. The more northerly river is the Great Chazy River, which empties into Lake Champlain at King Bay in the Town of Champlain. The more sou ...


Jail Branch River

The Jail Branch River is a river in central Vermont. It is a tributary of the Stevens Branch of the Winooski River and part of the Lake Champlain watershed. The Jail Branch is a 16-mile-long river that rises in Washington, Vermont, and flows nort ...


La Chute River

The La Chute River is a short, fast-moving river, near the Vermont-New York State border. It is now almost wholly contained within the municipality of Ticonderoga, New York, connecting the northern end and outlet of the 32-mile long Lake George a ...


Otter Creek (Vermont)

Otter Creek is the longest river entirely contained within the borders of Vermont. Roughly 112 miles long, it is the primary watercourse running through Rutland County and Addison County. The mouth of the river flows into Lake Champlain. Settled ...


Winooski River

The Winooski River is a tributary of Lake Champlain, approximately 90 miles long, in the northern half of Vermont. Although not Vermonts longest river, it is one of the states most significant, forming a major valley way from Lake Champlain throu ...


Blind River (Louisiana)

Blind River is a waterway in southeastern Louisiana originating in the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area of St James Parish west of New Orleans and running northeasterly before turning east to flow into Lake Maurepas. The lower reaches of B ...


Natalbany River

It is speculated that the name of the river is derived from the Choctaw words nita meaning bear and abani which means "to cook over a fire" in the Choctaw language.


Fisheating Creek

Fisheating Creek is a stream that flows into Lake Okeechobee in Florida. It is the only remaining free-flowing water course feeding into the lake, and the second-largest natural source for the lake. Most of the land surrounding the stream is eith ...


Lake Maurepas

Lake Maurepas is located in southeastern Louisiana approximately halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge directly west of Lake Pontchartrain.


Tchefuncte River

The area around the river was inhabited by the hunter-gatherer Tchefuncte culture dating back to 500 BCE The name Tchefuncte is believed to derive from the word Hachofakti which is the Choctaw word for the American chinquapin which was used by Na ...


Salt Creek (Salton Sea)

Not to be confused with Salt Creek Arroyo Salado or Salt Creek in Death Valley Salt Creek is a 26-mile-long intermittent stream in Riverside County, California, flowing into the north shore of the Salton Sea. Its discharge point is located north ...


Tributaries of the Arno


Tributaries of the Bahlui


Tributaries of the Barlad


Tributaries of the Bașeu


Tributaries of the Berezina River


Tributaries of the Bistrița


Tributaries of Bowman Creek


Tributaries of Buffalo Creek (West Branch Susquehanna River)


Tributaries of the Buzau


Tributaries of Catawissa Creek


Tributaries of the Centa


Tributaries of the Cervo


Tributaries of the Chemung River


Tributaries of Chillisquaque Creek


Tributaries of Spring Brook (Lackawanna River)


Tributaries of the Chineja


Tributaries of the Christina River


Tributaries of the Chu River


Tributaries of the Conestoga River


Tributaries of Darby Creek (Pennsylvania)


Tributaries of the Douro River

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