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British choirs


Italian choirs


Electronicore musical groups by nationality


Experimental big band bandleaders


Experimental big band arrangers


Experimental big band musicians


United States gospel musical groups templates



Brainclaw is an industrial/electronic music project initially created at Ithaca College, NY in 1989 by David Giuffre. The band centers on Giuffre, but features many guest artists on its releases. Notable songs are "Insekt/Angel" and "When The Dar ...


Reaper (band)

Reaper was formed by Vasi Vallis shortly before the dissolution of his NamNamBulu project and took on greater prominence following the split. The Angst EP was released in July 2005. The project played a number of live shows prior to the release o ...



The bands original lineup was songwriter Eddie Bengtsson formerly a founding member of Page, Finn Albertsson, and vocalist Alexander Hofman. Over time the members of the band have shifted: Johan Billing was a member of the band from 1994 to 1998, ...


Tactical Sekt

Tactical Sekt was conceived by Anthony Mather in 2002 to 2003. Mather had experience with electro-industrial music in his former band, Aslan Faction. When Aslan Faction released their last album, Sin-Drome of Separation in 2003, Anthony already h ...


Rock music group navigational boxes by country


Europe rock music group navigational boxes


American country rock musicians by instrument


Acid jazz guitarists


Acid jazz organists


Acid jazz trumpeters


Acid jazz vibraphonists


Avant-garde jazz accordionists


Avant-garde jazz cellists


Avant-garde jazz clarinetists


Avant-garde jazz double-bassists


Avant-garde jazz drummers


Avant-garde jazz flautists


Avant-garde jazz guitarists


Avant-garde jazz keyboardists


Avant-garde jazz organists


Avant-garde jazz percussionists


Avant-garde jazz pianists


Avant-garde jazz saxophonists


Avant-garde jazz trombonists


Avant-garde jazz trumpeters


Avant-garde jazz tubists


Avant-garde jazz vibraphonists


Avant-garde jazz violinists


African jazz (genre) pianists


African jazz (genre) saxophonists


Experimental big band musicians by instrument


Big band clarinetists


Big band pianists


Big band saxophonists


Big band trumpet players


Big band vibraphonists


Brazilian jazz (genre) guitarists


Brazilian jazz (genre) harmonica players


Brazilian jazz (genre) percussionists


Brazilian jazz (genre) pianists


Brazilian jazz (genre) saxophonists


Chamber jazz cellists


Chamber jazz clarinetists

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