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Orchis family

The Orchidaceae are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colourful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family. Along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plan ...


Ford Taunus Transit


Lotus 58


Lotus 103


Lotus 112

The Lotus 112 was Team Lotus planned entry to the 1995 Formula One season. It was a stillborn project conceived by chief designer Chris Murphy throughout their final Formula One campaign in 1994. Originally the designation of Type 112 was to be f ...


Harbor vessels of Canada


USS G. W. Blunt (1861)

USS G. W. Blunt was a Sandy Hook pilot boat acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War. See George W. Blunt, No. 11 for more details. She was used by the Union Navy as a gunboat as well as a dispatch boat in support of the Union Nav ...


Quincy Dredge Number Two

The Quincy Dredge Number Two is a dredge currently sunk in shallow water in Torch Lake, across M-26 from the Quincy Mining Company Stamp Mills Historic District and just east of Mason in Osceola Township. It was constructed to reclaim stamping sa ...


Harbor vessels of the United States


Coastal passenger vessels of Australia


World War II passenger ships of Denmark


SS Vaterland


Victorian-era passenger ships of Germany


World War II passenger ships of Germany


SS Czaritza


World War II passenger ships of the Soviet Union


Gulcemal (Turkish ship)


World War II passenger ships of the United Kingdom


Island Queen

The Island Queen was a series of two American sidewheeler steamboats built in 1896 and 1925 respectively. Both vessels were passenger carriers cruising along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers as both an excursion boat and tramp steamer. The first I ...


Lake steamers of North America

Lake steamers of North America include large, steam-powered non-government vessels with displacement hulls on American freshwater lakes excluding the Great Lakes. They may have served as passenger boats, freighters, mail-boats, log-boom vessels o ...


Minne-Ha-Ha II

The "Minne" has continued in Lake George. In 2001, her paddle wheel was rebuilt. After the 2007 season, her skylight was removed and replaced with an elevated seating area, which provides more seats with an escalated view. In 2008, "Happy Birthda ...


Portland (sidewheeler 1853)

Portland was a side wheel steamer built at Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1853. This vessel was chiefly remembered for its dramatic destruction in 1857 by being washed over Willamette Falls, an incident which killed its captain and a deckhand. ...


Tacoma (steamship)

Tacoma was a steamship that served from 1913 to 1938 on Puget Sound. Built of steel, Tacoma was known for being one of the fastest and best-designed vessels to operate on Puget Sound. Tacoma was particularly noted for high-speed service from 1913 ...


Washington (steamboat 1851)

Washington was an early steamboat operated in the states of California and Oregon. Washington was built in California and was initially operated on the Sacramento River. In 1851, the steamer was purchased and brought on a ship to the Oregon Terri ...


World War II passenger ships of the United States


Staten Island Ferry vessels


Ships of the Ward Line


Iron and steel steamships of Australia


Wooden steamships of Australia


SS Castlegar

Castlegar was a wooden-hulled tugboat for the Canadian Pacific Railway company. Built in 1911 at Okanagan Landing, its purpose was to handle railway car barges on Okanagan Lake. The Castlegar was a significant improvement over existing vessels in ...


SS Kelowna

SS Kelowna was a tow boat that was operational between the years 1892–1912 on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. It was later dismantled in Penticton.


SS Okanagan

SS Okanagan was a steamship owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway Lake and River Service. The vessel was constructed in 1906 at Okanagan Landing and launched in 1907, becoming Okanagan Lakes second steamship. She linked the transport ...


St. Alphonse (ship, 1894)

The St. Alphonse was a small steamship operated by the Brothers of the Oblate Order of Mary Immaculate, in the Northwest Territories. The order built a small fleet of steamboats to transit the Mackenzie River and its tributaries. Although fastmov ...


Paddle steamers of British Columbia


Steamships of Ontario


P/S Caledonia (1815)

Caledonia was a paddle-wheel steamer, built in Scotland in 1815. The ship was bought by a Danish businessman in 1819 and it became the first steamship registered in Denmark. It spent most of its active years in Denmark operating between the citie ...


SS Denebola

SS Denebola was a 1.481 GRT cargo steam ship built by Neptun Werft of Rostock, Germany in 1899 and powered by a triple expansion steam engine of 133 nhp. She carried a crew of twenty one.


Steamships of the German Empire


Steamships of West Germany


Sligo Steam Navigation Company

Sligo Steam Navigation Company was formed in 1865. It provided weekly sailings between Glasgow and Liverpool. The company was formed out of Messrs. Middleton and Pollexfen a trading partnership based in Sligo. The company was one of the last thre ...


SS Brevik (1909)


SS Express II (1909)


SS Fredriksborg (1869)


SS Gustafsberg VII


SS Gustavsberg VII


SS Nya Svartsjolandet


SS Ostanå I


SS Sandhamns Express


SS Saxaren


SS Strangnas Express

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