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Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Annenberg Center for the performing arts-theatre, dance and music of the world place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It helped popularize the works of composers like Steve Reich and Philip glass, the centre also conducted the concerts of artists, ...


Penn Park

Penn Park-the 24-acre Park on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Park is at South 31st street and walnut street, and has two playgrounds, a multipurpose stadium with a Seating capacity of 470 seats, a ...


University of Pennsylvania Perelman Quadrangle

Perelman quadrangle, also known as the Perelman Quad, this campus of the University of Pennsylvanias in West Philadelphia, which was reconstructed in 2001 in connection with the comprehensive renovation of Houston hall. The renovation, executed b ...


University of Pennsylvania faculty


Center for Global Communication Studies

The center for Global communication studies is a research center located in the Annenberg school for communication at the University of Pennsylvania. CGCS serves as a research center for students and scientists around the world study a comparativ ...


University of Pennsylvania Press academic journals


Butler College

Butler College is one of six residential colleges at Princeton University, founded in 1983. It houses about 500 freshmen and sophomores, 100 juniors and seniors, 10 resident graduate students, faculty members, residence, as well as a small number ...


Mathey College

Mothers the College is one of six residential colleges at Princeton University. Located in the northwestern corner of the Princeton, its dormitories and other buildings primarily in the collegiate Gothic style. In the autumn of 2007, Mathey has b ...


Whitman College, Princeton University

Whitman College is one of six residential colleges at Princeton University, new Jersey, USA. The College named after Meg Whitman former CEO of eBay, following her million donation to build the College. The building was designed by architect Demet ...


Wilson College, Princeton University

College Woodrow Wilson, the first of Princeton Universitys six colleges, was developed in the late 1950s, when a group of students formed the Woodrow Wilson cottage as an alternative to the dining room. Members of the Woodrow Wilson Lodge origina ...


Campus Club

The campus club was one of the clubs, the students eat at Princeton University. Located on the corner of Washington road and prospect, the campus was founded in 1900. It was one of the clubs food that he refused the electoral process contend, to ...


Cannon Club

The gun club, also known as the gun club dial Elm, is one of the historic eating clubs at Princeton University. Founded in 1895, he completed his current club in 1910. The club closed in the early 1970-ies and later merged with dial Lodge and elm ...


Cap and Gown Club

The cap and gown club, founded in 1890, is an eating club at Princeton University, Princeton, new Jersey, USA. Colloquially known as "cap", the club is one of the "big four" there are clubs at Princeton. Members are elected through a selective pr ...


Princeton Charter Club

The Princeton Charter club is one of Princeton Universitys eleven active students dining room located on or near the Avenue in Princeton, new Jersey, USA.


Cloister Inn

The monastery Inn is one of the clubs of the bachelor food of Princeton University in Princeton, new Jersey, USA. Founded in 1912, cloister occupies a Neo-Gothic building on Prospect Avenue between the cap and gown club and the Charter club. The ...


Colonial Club

Colonial club is one of eleven current eating clubs of Princeton University in Princeton, new Jersey, USA. Founded in 1891, is the fifth oldest of the clubs. It is located at 40 Avenue. A private social club for students of Princeton University, ...


Quadrangle Club

Princeton quadrangle club, often abbreviated to "Quad", one of the eleven eating clubs at Princeton University that remain open. Located at 33 prospect currently at the club, "sign-in", this allows any second semester sophomore, Junior or senior ...


Terrace Club

Princeton terrace club is one of eleven current eating clubs at Princeton University in Princeton, new Jersey, USA. Terrace club was founded in 1904 and located at 62 Washington road. The club is the only Princeton eating club, located next to th ...


Tiger Inn

Tiger Inn is one of the eleven active eating clubs of Princeton University in Princeton, new Jersey. Tiger Inn was founded in 1890 and is one of the "big four" there are clubs at Princeton, the four oldest and most prestigious University. The tig ...


Tower Club

Princeton Tower club is one of the eleven eating clubs of Princeton University in Princeton, new Jersey, USA, and one of six clubs to choose its members through a selective process called bicker. The tower is situated at 13 Avenue between the Uni ...


Princeton Tigers softball


Princeton Tigers lacrosse


Princeton Tigers squash


Princeton Tigers swimming and diving


Princeton Tigers tennis


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List of Princeton University people (government)

This section lists people who are not listed in previous sections. Its membership includes representatives of legislative bodies other than Congress, judges and other judicial officials, diplomats, sub-Cabinet officials, activists, royalty, and o ...


List of Princeton University people

This is the list of famous people associated with Princeton University includes faculty, staff, graduates and former students of undergraduate and graduate programs, and others affiliated with the University. Individuals are sorted by category an ...


List of Princeton University people (United States Congress, Supreme Court, Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention)

The U.S. Senate is the upper chamber of Congress. Princetonians have a long history of service in the Senate. Of the Senate of the First Congress included three graduates of Princeton, and two others who attended Princeton, but did not graduate, ...


Princeton University faculty


Princeton University staff


Brown University mens rowing

The brown University team rowing mens is brown University in Intercollegiate mens rowing is the oldest organized Intercollegiate sport at the University. Since its revival in 1949, the program of the brown University Rowing has become one of the ...


Cornell Big Red mens soccer


Cornell Big Red womens soccer


Ivy League mens soccer seasons


Brown Bears mens soccer


Dartmouth Big Green mens soccer


Harvard Crimson mens soccer


Princeton Tigers mens soccer


Princeton Tigers womens soccer


Dartmouth Big Green womens soccer


Harvard Crimson womens soccer


Harvard Crimson softball coaches


Yale Bulldogs softball


Yale Bulldogs cross country


Yale Bulldogs lacrosse


Yale Bulldogs squash


Yale Bulldogs swimming and diving


Yale Bulldogs tennis


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