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Truman the Tiger

Truman the Tiger is the official mascot of the sports teams of the University of Missouri Tigers. Truman is named after U.S. President Harry Truman, who was from the U.S. state of Missouri. Talisman was appointed on 12 September 1986, although th ...


Big Red (Lamar University)

In 1932 South Park College held a contest to determine the new name of the school. The new name of the school was necessary because the school was for students from around the region. When the results of the competition were given the name Lamar ...


Sammy Bearkat

Sammy Bearkat is the mascot of Sam Houston state University, located in Huntsville, Texas. It is a popular attraction at many athletic events such as football, basketball and volleyball. He also appears on various campus and community functions. ...


Ace the Warhawk

ACE the Warhawk is the mascot for the Louisiana–Monroe warhawks, the sports teams of the University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. ACE is an anthropomorphic hawk who stands at all sporting events in Ulm.


Boko the Bobcat


Howl (mascot)


Pounce (mascot)

Swoop is the official mascot of the University of Georgia. Pounce is usually represented as a stylized Panther with blue fur, sharp white teeth with protruding fangs and black whiskers. He usually wears either mens basketball outfit or a football ...


Yosef (mascot)


Irfan Peljto

Irfan Peljto is a Bosnian professional football referee, who led the first place in the Premier League of Bosnia. He was a FIFA referee from 2015, and is ranked as the first category of UEFA referees.


Welsh female artistic gymnasts


Welsh male artistic gymnasts


Bermudian long-distance runners


Caymanian long-distance runners


Omani long-distance runners


Republic of the Congo long-distance runners


Sammarinese long-distance runners


Sierra Leonean long-distance runners


United States Virgin Islands long-distance runners


Welsh long-distance runners


Bangladeshi middle-distance runners


Bermudian middle-distance runners


Dutch Antillean middle-distance runners


English middle-distance runners


Gabonese middle-distance runners


Omani middle-distance runners


Republic of the Congo middle-distance runners


Sammarinese middle-distance runners


Sierra Leonean middle-distance runners


Welsh middle-distance runners


Sprinters from Northern Ireland


United States Virgin Islands sprinters


English steeplechase runners


Steeplechase runners from Northern Ireland


Omani steeplechase runners


Welsh steeplechase runners


Omani male runners


English hurdlers


English long-distance runners


English sprinters


Long-distance runners from Northern Ireland


Middle-distance runners from Northern Ireland


Welsh hurdlers


Welsh sprinters


New Caledonian female long-distance runners


Albanian female long-distance runners


American female long-distance runners


Argentine female long-distance runners


Aruban female long-distance runners


Australian female long-distance runners


Austrian female long-distance runners

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