ⓘ William Collins. Billy Collins born 1941, American poet William Lucas Collins 1815–1887, English author and clergyman of the Church of England William Collins p ..


ⓘ William Collins

  • Billy Collins born 1941, American poet
  • William Lucas Collins 1815–1887, English author and clergyman of the Church of England
  • William Collins poet 1721–1759, English poet
  • William P. Collins, author of works on the Babi and Baha’i Faiths, see Bahai Faith in Europe
  • William Collins glassmaker 1788-1847, London maker of coloured glass, chandeliers etc.
  • William Wiehe Collins 1862–1951, English architectural and landscape genre painter
  • William Collins painter 1788–1847, English landscape artist

1. Politics

  • William T. Collins, American politician, former acting mayor of New York City
  • William Collins Warwick MP died 1859, Member of Parliament MP for Warwick 1837–52
  • William Collins South African politician 1803–1876, member Volksraad of the Orange Free State
  • William A. Collins born 1935, American politician, state representative and mayor from Norwalk, Connecticut
  • William Collins surgeon 1859–1946, British surgeon and Liberal Party politician
  • William Collins Roundhead, English politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1654 to 1659
  • William Whitehouse Collins 1853–1923, New Zealand Member of Parliament for Christchurch in the South Island
  • William Collins New York politician 1818–1878, U.S. congressman from New York

2. Publishing

  • William Collins imprint, a non-fiction publishing brand launched by HarperCollins in 2014
  • William Collins Lord Provost 1817–1895, Scottish temperance movement activist; son of publisher William Collins.
  • William Collins, Sons est. 1819, Scottish publishing house, became part of HarperCollins in 1990, a subsidiary of News Corp.
  • William Collins publisher 1789–1853, Scottish founder of the William Collins, Sons publishing house

3. Sports

  • William Collins canoeist born 1932, Canadian canoer who competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics
  • Bill Collins athlete born 1950, American sprinter
  • William Collins cricketer, born 1848 1848–1932, Welsh author and cricketer
  • William Collins cricketer, born 1868 1868–1942, English cricketer
  • William Collins tennis, British tennis player from the 1920s and 30s, see 1930 Wimbledon Championships – Mens Singles
  • Billy Collins Jr. 1961–1984, American professional boxer
  • William Collins cricketer, born 1837 1837–1876, Australian cricketer
  • William Collins sportsman, born 1853 1853–1934, played rugby for England and cricket for Wellington, New Zealand; a surgeon, born in India

4. Others

  • William Floyd Collins 1887–1925, American cave explorer
  • William Collins colonist 1756–1819, English naval officer and early settler in Tasmania, Australia
  • Mr William Collins, a fictional character in the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice
  • William J. Collins 1896–1970, president of St. Ambrose University
  • William Henry Collins 1878–1937, Canadian geologist
  • William Erle Collins 1929–2013, American parasitologist
  • Bootsy Collins William Earl Collins, born 1951, American funk bassist, singer and songwriter
  • William Collins bishop 1867–1911, Bishop of Gibraltar in the Church of England
  • William O. Collins 1809–1880, commandant of Fort Laramie, Wyoming; namesake of Fort Collins, Colorado and Camp Collins
  • William R. Collins 1913–1991, United States Marine Corps general

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