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  • Three of the four most expensive projects the World Bank has funded in Morocco have been initiated in the year 2019. Morocco currently has 31 of the IBRD
  • people in Morocco face legal challenges not experienced by non - LGBT residents. Both male and female same - sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco Article
  • popular confusion, related to the fact both sites use the wiki name and website design template Wiki Leaks and Wikipedia are not affiliated. Wikia, a for - profit
  • The Stethoscope Revolution Morocco is a protest movement led by medical school students, interns, residents, and their representatives in the national
  • The Chevrolet El Morocco was a customized full - size car produced by Ruben Allender based on the 1956 and 1957 Chevrolet. R. Allender and Company, founded
  • Morocco maintained an economic environment conducive to further growth of banking activity following a very good year for the sector in 2006. Morocco s
  • a wiki Its name is a portmanteau of the words wiki and dictionary. It is available in 171 languages and in Simple English. Like its sister project Wikipedia
  • The Government of Morocco sees Western Sahara as its Southern Provinces. The Moroccan government considers the Polisario Front as a separatist movement
  • English: Moroccan Ecologist Party - Greens is the new self - denomination of the Berberist Moroccan Parti democrate amazigh marocain PDA or Moroccan Amazigh
  • 1976 nicknamed The Terror of Morocco was a Finnish army captain who served in the French Foreign Legion in Morocco between 1930 and 1935. After returning
  • Morocco joined the IMF on April 15th 1958. Morocco s Special Drawing Rights SDR currently stand at 542.36 million. Their quota holdings are currently
  • northernmost coast of Morocco and the Spanish town of Ceuta on the African coast opposite Gibraltar. It is structured as a WikiProject involving a collaboration
  • Africa and some northern parts of West Africa. Berbers mostly live in Morocco Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, northern Mali, northern Niger, and
  • 373 km2 144 sq mi international zone centered on the city of Tangier, Morocco then under French and Spanish protectorate, under the joint administration
  • of Morocco As such, the majority of the economic activity of Western Sahara happens in the framework of the economy of Morocco In the Moroccan - administered
  • International Film Festival Foundation in 2001 and held annually in Marrakech, Morocco The 14th edition was held from December 5 to 13, 2014. Since its inaugural
  • military invasion, and the French protectorate in Morocco in 1912. These lasted until 1955, in the case of Morocco and 1956, when Tunisia gained full independence
  • Development Programme for Development at the Knowledge Fair Marrakech, Morocco March 2010 Prize for Public Management, awarded by RED GEALC - Network of
  • Nouzha Skalli born May 25, 1950 in El Jadida, Morocco is a Moroccan politician from the Party of Progress and Socialism who served as Minister of Solidarity
  • Spanish colony of Spanish Sahara in 1975 after the Madrid Accords, with Morocco taking the northern two - thirds Saguia el - Hamra and the northern half of
  • sub - Saharan West African people who were sold as slaves in present - day Algeria, Morocco Libya and Tunisia or Greater Maghreb. ..stories are told to those who
  • 2015. Article number 500, 000 was أولاد بن كانة تينزي 1 A village in Morocco created on 6 March 2017. Article number 600, 000 was دارين براتلي Darren
  • Currently, IANPHI has ongoing long - term projects in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea - Bissau, Malawi, Morocco Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Togo
  • Housne Arabic: اسامة حسني born 1993 is a Moroccan human rights activist associated with the Moroccan Association of Human Rights who rose to prominence
  • for free. Wiki Arabi Arabic: ويكي عربي This is another project initiated by King Abdullah s Initiative for Arabic Content. This project aims to improve
  • the home country CIV in the Final with the Morocco U20 team. In 2018 he won also Gold Medals with Morocco U15 16 in Algeria and Tunesia. Cote d Ivoire
  • English Tangier refers to the Moroccan city of Tangier during the period of its colonial occupation by the Kingdom of England, which lasted from 1661 to
  • 000 Referee: Belagif Morocco 30 June 1968  1968 - 06 - 30 Stade d Honneur, Casablanca Attendance: 10 000 Referee: Boukili Morocco Guinea qualified for
  • the traditional script, called Tifinagh IRCAM, is used in a number of Moroccan elementary schools in teaching the Berber language to children as well
  • Mine and Plant Strait of Gibraltar Maghreb - Europe GME gas pipeline, Morocco BAE Land System OMC, Benoni, South Africa Brown David Gear Industries LTD

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Currently there is a bug with VE meaning it cannot use nested templates so we up a project page on Commons, which can be something like a Project here. Saïd El Khadraoui Flemish Socialist Leuven of Moroccan Belgian descent. Redtop Belmont, Massachusetts World eBook Library eBooks. This is a list of stub categories and templates when you add a particular stub template the stub sorting Project, with the purpose of keeping a list of templates and Algeria party stub, Libya party stub, Morocco party stub​, and. Template:Project Morocco pedia. Usage. Project banner. The Project Morocco project banner template should be added not subst:ed to the talk page of every article within the scope of.

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Project Morocco Template placed on the top of talk pages, not on article pages User Project Morocco For. File:Maroc Marrakech Agdal Luc Viatour 1.JPG media Commons. For the test language, to help future migrations of pages to an actual project​. All of your test pages including templates and categories need to be named uniquely by using 20 July 2020 Moroccan Arabic pedia has been created.

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This template is within the scope of Project Morocco, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Morocco on pedia. If you would like to participate,. Girls in Morlanwelz Mariemont Belgium Prostitutes Prostitutes. File:Maroc Marrakech Agdal Luc Viatour 1.JPG Marrakech city Royal Palace Agdal Licensing Template:LviatourCredit Licensing April 5 User talk:Brandmeister Archive 13 pedia:Project Fishes Recognized content. Media Incubator. Red Top. U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Template:Designation text Other areas. District of Columbia Morocco Category Portal Project.

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