ⓘ Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. In January 2014 the Trust was the subject of an investigation by the Cabinet Office after the leaders of three clinical commissi ..


ⓘ Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

In January 2014 the Trust was the subject of an investigation by the Cabinet Office after the leaders of three clinical commissioning groups complained about recurring breaches of the cancer waiting time standard, delays in treatment and poor performance in the Accident and Emergency Department. The Friends and Family Test score for the Trust in October 2013 was the lowest in England.

The trust was one of the 26 responsible for half of the national growth in patients waiting more than four hours in emergency care during 2014 5 winter. In 2017-18 only 75.3% of the amplifier,e-patients was observed within four hours.

The Board quality health care expressed concern about overcrowding in a&,E of the Department after inspection in 2015. They found that "some patients with serious conditions were waiting for more than an hour to be assessed".

He was named by health magazine as one of the top one hundred NHS trusts to work in 2015. At that time it was 5645 full-time equivalent staff and an indicator of lack of disease 3.65%. 66% of employees recommend it as a place for treatment and 59% recommend it as a place to work.

In February 2016 it expects the budget deficit for 2015 of £25.7 million / 6. In the last quarter of 2015 it was one of the worst performances in any hospital in England against the four hour waiting.

Quality care the audit Commission in February and March 2016 found serious problems in the emergency care Department. Sir Mike Richards:" in the course of our audit, tempera employees had to intervene to ensure patient safety in a number of cases, including on the assessment of patients in the ambulance and corridor, and to prevent the departure of the patient from the ward when there was not, at the present time”. There was the usual, significant and substantial overcrowding” in the emergency Department and the inspectors found patients stroke, chest pain and sepsis, which have not been considered, processed and evaluated in a timely manner”. Delays in ambulance handovers has led to significant problems for the South Central ambulance Station.

In January 2018, it was announced that she is planning to finish the fiscal year with a deficit of £ 37 million, not £ 10 million surplus previously forecast. It appears to be associated with" extreme” pressures on emergency care that caused the additional expenditure on Agency staff, outsourcing of elective procedures, does not have income from the activity was canceled, and the increase in drug costs.

In March 2018 the seventeenth it was the worst performer in&E in England, with only 63.5% of patients in the main and amplifier,not seen within 4 hours.

In 2007, the radiology Department decided to deprioritise reporting" plain film” x-rays in contrast to CT or MRI because of rising demand and staff shortages. By 2017, there was a backlog of more than 30.000 mostly chest x-rays, which was not considered by the radiologist or trained physician.