ⓘ Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead. The Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead is a farm located at 797 Textile Road in Pittsfield Cha ..

Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead

ⓘ Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead

The Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead is a farm located at 797 Textile Road in Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. It is now the Sutherland-Wilson Farm Historic Site.


1. History

In 1832, Langford and Lydia Sutherland moved from Ontario County, New York, to this farm. They first constructed a log house to live in, then built the Greek Revival-style house that is still on the property. Langford Sutherland died in 1865, after which his son Tobias lived on the farmstead, with his mother and his wife, Harriet Knaouse. Tobiass son Ernest also lived here with his wife Delia Rheinfrank. Their only child, Mildred, married Arthur Wilson, and their son Harold also lived on the farmstead through 2000. The Sutherland farmstead was owned by the Sutherland family for over one hundred years.

In 1999 the farmstead was sold to Pittsfield Township, to be operated and managed as a farm museum by the Pittsfield Township Historical Society.


2. Description

The Sutherland Farmstead includes a Greek Revival farmhouse and five outbuildings located along a farm lane running past the farmhouse. These buildings include a gable roof wood shed, carriage house, pig pen, large barn, and an icehouse.

  • Farmhouse: The farmhouse is a 1-1/2 story Greek Revival building, sided with clapboard and on a fieldstone foundation. In the center of the front facade is a half-length porch with a half-hipped roof supported by Doric and square columns. The main entrance is flanked by sidelights and pilasters, and topped by a row of dentils under a wide entablature. The house windows have six-over-six lights. The roof cornices have cornice returns, and frieze windows are above. A single-story addition, originally a kitchen, is on one end. A modern garage is located behind the house.
  • Icehouse: The icehouse is a one-story gable-roofed wood framed building on a stone foundation. It has horizontal wood siding and two entrances.
  • Barn: The large barn is a gabled structure of timber post-and-beam construction, and sits on a stone foundation. It is a two-level structure built into the side of a hill, so that both levels are accessible. The barn has plank siding, and there are entrances on all sides.
  • Carriage House: The carriage house is of similar construction to the barn, but with mortise and tenon joints. There are openings for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Pig Pen: The pig pen is a single story gable-roofed structure on a wood and concrete foundation. It is wood framed with vertical board and batten siding.
  • Wood Shed: The wood shed is similar to the pig pen, with a gable roof and vertical siding.

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LYDIA MCMICHAEL SUTHERLAND After arrival here, Langford acquired additional land, expanding this farm to both the east and west, and also purchased. Name coaddr addr1 addr2 addr3 zip a & d builders Amicalola EMC. Sutherland, Langford and Lydia McMichael. Farmstead, 797 Textile Rd., Pittsfield Martin Miller Farm, Historic Family Farms in Middle. Simnica Visually. Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead United States historic place. The Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead.

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Archives Love Stories TV. National Register of Historic Places listings in Washtenaw County. Eastern Michigan University Historic District, Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead, Schuyler Mill a€ Ford Soybean Plant Complex, University. 00080 Family Local History Photographs Archives Holdings. 00080 Box 1 File 02 29 Marshall Richard Weinberger on truck, city 00080 ​Box 1 File 04 56 Scouts raising flag at Flanagans farm – 4 million and one 00080 Box 01 File 07 65 Mrs. Lydia Erwin, Bismarck Member of Association 00080 Box 4 File 5 44 Keith Keller, Bruce Langford, Steve McMonagle, Robert Gierke. Arabic Kurdish Translation. Antoine Marshall 1 Antoinette 3 Brian Sutherland 1 Brian Terry 5 Broccoli 5 Broccoli Farm 1 David Langford 2 Lydia Wayman 1 Lyesol ​2.

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FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Ms. Kimberly Marshall, Contract Washtenaw County Sutherland, Langford and Lydia McMichael, Farmstead, 797​. New Homes For Sale McLean Alexandria Real Estate Vienna. Langdon Farm Circle. 21113. Bailey Harris, Lydia. 410 323 Langford Road. 21207 21208 2225 McMichael, Amber. 443 833 Sutherland Circle. 20772. SEA ISLAND COMPANY, et a EBS Document API. The Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead is a farm located at 797 Textile Road in Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan. It was listed on the.

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Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland Farmstead National Register of Historic Places Updated: 2019 01 17. The Langford and Lydia McMichael Sutherland. Secrets Tqat Make Me Wet Best eorn Videos at HD XXX Tybe. Best. Placed RHP Evan Marshall on the 10 day DL. Kevin Sutherland. 72 66 MUW to present part II of seniors fine arts exhibit. Ward. Langford Lydia Quarles, Jim Mozingo, Derek Rogers and Mary Carroll Sullivan. FARM TO FORK. A Farm to Fork dinner was held at Fire Station Park in Starkville April 27.

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