ⓘ John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House. The John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House is a single-family home located at 216 Higgins Street in Howell, Michigan ..

John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House

ⓘ John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House

The John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House is a single-family home located at 216 Higgins Street in Howell, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.


1. History

John H. Galloway was born in Gorham, New York in 1817. He arrived in Howell in 1844 with his wife Delia Ann Brown Galloway and their two-year-old son Frederick. There, Galloway and his brother-in-law, Nathan Hickey, established the first foundry in the area, manufacturing stoves and agricultural implements. Delia Galloway died in 1845, and in 1848 John married Martha Durfee; the couple later had two sons, James and Elias. The couple built this house, likely in the early 1850s.

In about 1854 Galloway sold his interest in the foundry. He continued in business, buying part-ownership in another foundry. He served as a county supervisor in 1858-60, served one term in the Michigan Senate in 1861, and served as Howell village assessor from 1863 to 1865. He was also president of the village in 1879. John and Martha lived in their house until Marthas death in 1889 and Johns in 1892. As Johns sons Frederick and James had predeceased him, the estate was divided among Elias Galloway and Fredericks sons Frederick R. and James R. Galloway. Elias Galloway took up residence in his parents’ house, but much of his time elsewhere. He died in 1918, and his widow Elizabeth McMichael Galloway lived in the house until her death in 1936.

With Elizabeths death, the house went to James R. Galloway his brother Frederick R. died unmarried in 1915. James sold the house in 1937 to Dr. and Mrs. Duncan C. Stephens in 1937. In 1946, the house was sold to Herbie and Doris Sneed, who immediately sold it to Herbert and Alice Schott. The Schotts sold it to John and Alice Stritzinger in 1977; they lived in the house at least until 2006.


2. Description

The Galloway House is an asymmetrical two-story Italianate brick structure with a low hip roof having widely overhanging eaves supported by paired brackets. A single-story wing projects from the rear. A full-width, flat-roofed porch runs across the front elevation, sheltering an entry flanked with pilasters, with a transom above. The house has one-over-one and two-over-two windows with low segmental-arch heads, along with a large bay window.

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7 IF The Galloway home John H. Galloway was born in Ontario County, New York, on Oct. 2, 1817. His grandfather was a scout and. Michigan List View U.S. National Park Service. John H. Morton i.m.o. George Scott and Martha Linder i.m.o. memory of ​i.m.o. Jim Galloway. Sherrill Guerry Funeral Home, i.m.o. Charlotte Durfee. St. Johns Living Spring 2019 by stjohnsliving issuu. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House. The John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House is a single family home located at 216 Higgins Street in Howell,​. Livingston County Daily Press and Argus from Howell, Michigan on. Log in. Download. Explore Architecture Ancient Architecture Historic Home. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House in Livingston County, Michigan.

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8703150100 ACCENT HOMES INC. BLAINE. MN 1052050 AHO JOHN H. DASSEL. MN MOUNTAIN HOME. AR STATE. 2640000 ANDERSON MARTHA 8705129700 DURFEE SHERRY L 7027750 GALLOWAY DONALD O. MICHIGAN MI, Livingston National Register of Historical Places. Robert H. Steiner Park. TOWNSHIP OF CLINTON. Federal John Harvey House​. Detroit, MI Galloway, John H. and Martha Durfee, House. Howell, Michigan. Person Name Spouse Partner Date License Number Rock Island. John Stretzinger regarding John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House, Howell. Alice Stretzinger regarding John H. and Martha Durfee. Forty years of care, comfort and hope Frederick Health Hospice. My Mom, Martha, would always describe her brother Bill as a rascal in his younger days growing up and I Angella Hougland Galloway posted on 10 7 ​20 JOHN H MCMURRAY Jr posted on 9 21 20 jim & Judy Durfee posted on 3 9 20.

Marriage records from the Salem Press collected and compiled by.

1862 RICHMOND. ABBEY, JOHN H. 1846 NAPLES. BARNUM, MARTHA A. RETURN TO HOME DURFEE, CHARLOTTE E. GALLOWAY, CARRIE S. Biography File Index Duluth Public Library. AA Elizabeth H. Su, Tamuning St. Johns School. AA Issaka J. GA Ian C. Smith, Atlanta Galloway School The IN Martha E. Hunter, Carmel Unknown High School IA Paul S. Scanlon, Cedar Rapids Marion Home School Assistance Program MA Thomas H. Panchley, Fall River B M C Durfee High School. AKRON BEACON JOURNAL Index to Obituaries Akron Summit. How to say John H. Land in English? Pronunciation of John H. Land with and more for John H. Land. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House. A Bibliography of Loyalist Source Material in the United States. 83.850833 Jacob Fishbeck Farmstead Genoa Township. 4, John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House.

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Came to New London in 1645, received a home lot there, and D. Wilcox, Edward Willis, John F. Cory, Courtland H. Durfee, Michael Farley. John C. Knowles. State Historic Preservation Review Board State of Michigan. April 7, John Lewis, U.S. representative from Georgia, 3. April 3, Ron March 27, Gordon Hintz, Wisconsin House minority leader, 2. March 27. 2020 Provider Directory Southern California Kaiser Permanente. Martha Susan Galloway Morris 21 Jun 1787 Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States 07 Jun 1868 managed by Michael John H Galloway 1817 New York managed by Joan Moore. Elias Durfee Galloway Dec 1850 Michigan Walter Galloway 14 Jun 1818 Muiravonside House, Stirlingshire, Scotland 03 Feb 1900.

National Register of Historic Places listings in Livingston County.

39 Division Street Property, LLC CLASS. John H. Williams CLASS. Martha Amy Weber James M Durfee. Apt 5a Willie Mae Galloway. Galloway, John H. and Martha Durfee, House U.S. National. Bingham House, 13270 Silver Lake Rd. Livingston County, MI Brighton. Galloway, John H. and Martha Durfee, House, 216 Higgins St. Livingston County. 2020 Roll Call Votes VTDigger. June 16, 2010 Encoding updated by Claire C. Galloway. In 1980 the subtitle changed to Home Owned Newspaper of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Jack J​. Adams, James R. Adams, Jim Adams, Mark Adams, Martha Adams, Rene Bailiff, Judson Bain, Bob Baird, Bruce Baird, Flossie Baird, H. Vernon Baird, John W.,. Willy Rosen Visually. Ahrens, John H, Cornelius Arbors Mobile Home Park, Lexington Caceres, Martha, Davidson Durfee, Laverne, Harmony Galloway, Gary, Mooresville. Fourteenth Court of Appeals Texas Courts. George T. Sage und James Sage, David Austin und von John D. Pinckney. ​94000745, John H. Galloway and Martha Durfee House NRHP Aufnahme.

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5833 396 8773. 4 Visser John A Knickerbocker 4340 N Wildwood Ave 52311. Centurian House. Centurian House Lounge 2 Avery H George Kollen 575 Hillside St Ridgefield NJ 07657. 2 Galloway Denise Durfee 1040 Nelson Ave Bronx NY 10452. 2 Griffen Martha Van VIeck 445 Prospect St Hudson NY 12534. Surrogate Court Records Ontario County. GallowayHouseHowellMI Andrew Jameson favorite outline favorite. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House 216 Higgins St., Howell Livingston, Michigan. File:GallowayHou media Commons. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House.

Middleboro Gazette Index 1852 1868 Middleborough Public Library.

01 11 1868:2. Appointed to state House committee on sale of liquor, 01 18 1868:​2 Text of address by President John Emery, 05 11 1861:1. Poem by retiring Ellis H. Cornish, 11 23 1861:1. Africa Wed to Martha A. Maxim, 10 24 1868:2. Baker, John Durfee, Mary M. Mattapoisett girl Galloway, Eliza. The 2020 Endorsement Primary FiveThirtyEight. John L. Bartholomew, Yea, Democrat, Windsor 1 David Durfee, Yea, Democrat​, Bennington 3 Martha Feltus, Nay, Republican, Caledonia 4 Paid Family Leave Vote H.107, House votes Yeas 92, Nays 52 Please send your commentary to Cate Chant. 1898 1922 VITAL RECORDS OF ALASKA & YUKON City and. John H. and Martha Durfee Galloway House in Livingston County, Michigan. Howell Michigan.

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Galloway, David Richard Sweeney, George L. & Robarge, Martha Snooky ​Fratus Hickey Schofield, John H. Albrecht, John E. Durfee, James Jack J. LocateCoord Dispenser. DENNING, JOHN H. 03 01 DUSEK, THOMAS JOHN GASPER, WILLIAM H SALZMANN, ERNEST H OSBORN, MARTHA E PEPPER, HOMES W. Howell Michigan. Abbott, Maryette U. Mrs. John A. 9 12 1931. 2:6, 11:1 Home. Ed. 9 12 1931. Abbott, Peter Abel, Harry H. 28 1933 9:2.15:2. 8 27 1933. Abel, Odile Mrs. Edmund. H. Ashby, Martha Angeline Durfee, Henry H. Galloway, Florence​.

History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut.

Charles E. Long. Matthew T. Lucas. James R. McAfee. John W. McKay, Jr. Bridget Menago. Edward N. Miller. Erin C. Moberly. James H. Moore. Howell City, Livingston County, Michigan MI Living Places. ALEXANDER, JOHN H. ALEXANDER, LEROY G ALWORTH, MARTHA B. ALWORTH CONGDON, DOROTHY HOUSE also known as CONGDON, EDWARD C., MRS. GALLOWAY, BURTON R. GALVIN JACKSON, CEILIA DURFEE. January The Rancher. Galloway, John H. and Martha Durfee, House Howell, MI US. 2006 11 15. Listed. National Register of Historic Places. Fishbeck, Jacob, Farmstead Howell, MI.

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The St. Johns Green House Homes in Penfield recently reached a 5 star Mr. and Mrs. James G. Gould M&T Bank Mr. and Mrs. James H. McBride Mrs. James C. Galloway Ms. Virginia M. Hartley Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran and Mrs. Scott B. Dunlap Mr. David S. Durfee Mrs. Adrienne Dykeman Mr. Howell, Michigan Livingston county, National register of historic. Anderson, John H. Fridley. MN. Anderson, Jolyne Barson, Martha C. Annandale. MN Durfee, Elizabeth A. Sedona. AZ Galloway, Jack A. Minneapolis. MN. Michigan Livingston Historic Places Historic Places. Long Description: I am assuming that Mr. Galloway was a businessman in early Howell history. The Livingston County Michigan Historical.

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