ⓘ Adi name, a given name in Hebrew and nickname in other languages Adikavi Pampa, the first poet of Kannada An Indian word meaning first, as in Adi Shankara, an I ..


ⓘ Adi

  • Adi name, a given name in Hebrew and nickname in other languages
  • Adikavi Pampa, the first poet of Kannada
  • An Indian word meaning first, as in
  • Adi Shankara, an Indian philosopher
  • Adi mythology, the son of Andhaka
  • Adi Granth, the Holy Scripture of Sikhism
  • Adi title, a Fijian title used by females of chiefly rank

1. Places and tribes

  • Banu Adi, a clan of the Quraish tribe of Mecca
  • Adi, Israel, a community settlement in northern Israel
  • Adi language, the Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Adi
  • Adi people, a tribe living in Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Adi Chikodi, Belgaum District, Karnataka
  • Adi mountain, a mountain near Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, France
  • Adi Island, an island in West Papua, Indonesia
  • Adi Khanapur, Belgaum District, Karnataka
  • Arandis Airport, Arandis, Namibia IATA: ADI
  • Ahmedabad Railway Station, Ahmedabad, India code ADI

2. People

  • Adi Granov, Bosnian comic artist
  • Adi Bitar, Palestinian judge
  • Adi Da, born as Franklin Albert Jones, spiritual teacher
  • Adi Himelbloy, Israeli actress and model
  • Adi Dassler, German founder of Adidas
  • Adi Prag b. 1957, Israeli Olympic swimmer
  • Adi Godrej, billionaire Indian industrialist
  • Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, Kurdish sufist
  • Adi footballer or Adilson dos Santos, Brazilian footballer
  • Fanendo Adi, Nigerian footballer
  • Sailom Adi, Thai boxer
  • Adi Bichman, Israeli swimmer
  • Adi Smolar, Slovenian singer/songwriter
  • Adi Shamir, Israeli cryptographer
  • Adi Shankara, Indian mystic
  • Adi Ophir, Israeli philosopher
  • Adi Nes, Israeli photographer

3. Organizations

  • Australian Defence Industries
  • Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
  • Animal Defenders International, a nonprofit campaigning group
  • Australian Doctors International
  • American Documentation Institute, now abbreviated as ASIS&T

4. ADI

ADI, a three-letter abbreviation, may refer to:

  • Authorised deposit-taking institution, a corporation authorised under the Australian Commonwealth Banking Act 1959
  • Autism Diagnostic Interview, a semistructured parent interview used to aid in diagnosing autism
  • Aircraft de-icer and inhibitor
  • Acting detective inspector
  • Asset Distribution Interface, a specification from CableLabs
  • Acceptable daily intake, in health and medicine
  • Analog Devices Incorporated, producer of semiconductors ADI is their symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
  • ADiTV, Television regional in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Aircraft Designs Inc., an aircraft design firm in Monterey, California
  • Alternating direction implicit method for solving partial differential equations
  • ADI 4277 and ADPF 132 v. Brazilian civil union, actions to civil union equality
  • Attitude director indicator, aircraft instrument showing the attitude to an artificial horizon
  • Angeles del Infierno, a Spanish heavy metal band
  • ADInstruments, ADI is historical usage. ADInstruments is now preferred
  • Area of dominant influence, in broadcast marketing, an Arbitron
  • Approved Driving Instructor, a qualified UK car driver trainer
  • Africa Development Indicators, a compilation of data assembled by the World Bank
  • Aerodynamics Inc., a small airline in the US
  • Anti-detonant injection for internal combustion engines
  • After date of invoice
  • Independent Democratic Action Portuguese: Acção Democratica Independente, a political party in São Tome and Principe

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