ⓘ West Side Historic Residential District. The West Side Historic Residential District is a residential historic district roughly bounded by Mason, Madison, Harri ..


ⓘ West Side Historic Residential District

The West Side Historic Residential District is a residential historic district roughly bounded by Mason, Madison, Harrison and Lyon Streets in Saginaw, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.


1. History

The West Side Historic Residential District grew up around the location of Fort Saginaw, and the commercial district arising in that area. A few houses were in place by 1850, with another 40 or so added by 1870. Most of the development in the neighborhood occurred between 1870 and 1890, with some additional construction after the turn of the century. The neighborhood contains both larger and smaller houses intermixed; although the original residents were all well-to-do, the very wealthy lumber land barons lived right next to more modest professionals and craftsmen.


2. Description

The West Side Historic Residential District contains 349 structures, of which 325 contribute to the historic character of the neighborhood. Nearly all the structures are houses, with only three commercial structures and two churches included. The homes range from simple to ornate, and include Italianate, Queen Anne, and Classical Revival, and Greek Revival residences.

Significant structures in the district include:

  • 715 Court: This house was constructed in 1924, and is a fine example of Prairie School building with overhanging eaves, horizontal massing, a low hipped roof, and a stucco exterior.
  • Edgar Church House 1008 Hancock: This house was built in 1895 for industrialist Edgar Church. It is a large Queen Anne house with brick on the first story, narrow clapboarding on the second story, and fish scale shingling in the gable ends above.
  • John Stenglein House 803 Adams: This house was built in 1894 for John Stenglein. who owned Saginaw Showcase Company, a retail furniture business. Stenglein first constructed a house at this location in 1854. In 1894 he moved that house to the lot next door now 809 Adams and constructed this house in its place. The house is a transitional architectural style, incorporating elements from both Queen Anne and Georgian Revival Styles. It is a three-story frame structure.
  • Charles Bauer House 1021 Court: This house was built in 1893 for Charles Bauer, a son of Peter Bauer, a grocer, mason, clothier, and co-founder of Bauer Brothers Clothing. The house is a fine three-story Queen Anne structure.
  • George Bullock House 213 South Granger: This house was built in 1858 for George Bullock, the second mayor of Saginaw City. Bullock died in 1861 and the home was sold to C.T. Brenner, the owner of the Shakespeare Hotel. The house is a vernacular Italianate structure.
  • Clarence Brand House 129 South Granger: This house was built in 1916 for Clarence Brand, the president of the Brand and Hardin Milling Company. Brand had purchased the house originally at this location, built in 1877, and in 1916 razed it to construct this house. It is a two-and-one-half story Georgian Revival-style home.
  • 821 Ames: The house was built in 1867, and is a modest two-story Italianate house.

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Generation, and to re invigorate Savannahs long history of exceptional city planning. 1 on the west side of the District with changes proposed in the Plan Better street design will certainly enhance residential value, has been shown. Simply Remarkable: New Yorks Historic Upper West Side. West Cloverhurst Springdale Historic District is an early to mid 20th Century residential area, which reflects a variety of architectural styles from the era. Defining.

West Side Historic District Hendersonville Historic Preservation.

Take a walking tour of the Westsides historic murals with San Anto Cultural Arts. Browse the historic buildings in the Deco District and nearby residential area,. West Side Neighborhood Association City of Charleston WV. It abuts the West 71st Street Historic District, designated in 1989, and the West End Historic District Extension consists of approximately 220 residential and made the Upper West Side more accessible to the citys expanding population. Historic Surveys and Resources Cedar. District in Colorado to the National Register of Historic Places. Examples of National Register residential and commercial districts the Bay Shore subdivisions located west of Biscayne Boulevard, which is now a major commercial area. northeast side of the street and the boundary is drawn to exclude this open land.

West End – Collegiate Historic District Extension West End.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Historic District East Side by Mark Goldman Centers on the residential area north Fillmore Avenue runs along the western edge, and is part of the larger East Side of Buffalo. HISTORIC DISTRICTS Preservation Sacramento. An intensive historic survey of the Bever Woods Area is currently underway, funded Architectural Reconnaissance Survey for Czech Village Residential Area 2010 Historic District West Side Third Avenue SW Commercial Historic District. Chapter 2 Neighborhood Characteristics West Downtown. More common are districts like Tribeca, Fort Greene, the Upper West Side, One of the most dramatic examples of this phenomenon in a residential area is the. West Side Historic District, Saratoga Springs City, Saratoga County. New commercial, institutional, and residential development surrounds the district to the north, south, and west, with many modern medical office buildings framing​.

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And areas identified as significant to the. Westside for their history, culture, and architecture. Westside Cultural Resource Survey. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. How. Armory Historic District City of Providence. The Agnes Avenue Residential Historic District consists of a grouping of five wrought iron fence spans several of the properties on the west side of Agnes.

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Detroits expansive West Side area is divided into the Upper West The area enjoys a mixture of commercial and historic residential districts. Near West Side Encyclopedia of Chicago. The Residential Historic District is a Historic Preservation HP Zoning Overlay between 12th Street and Grandview Road, properties on the west side of 10th.

Neighborhoods in Buffalo, New York Buffalo Architecture and History.

An intensive historic survey of the Bever Woods Area is currently underway, funded Architectural Reconnaissance Survey for Czech Village Residential Area 2010 Historic District West Side Third Avenue SW Commercial Historic District Следующая Войти Настройки. Upper West Side Landmarks and Historic Districts LANDMARK. Fairview Historic District represents a small part of the larger Near West Side Prospect Hill, a complementary residential area to the south, was also located on​. Maintaining Neighborhood Character City of De Pere. Pearl Street forms the eastern, residential portion of the historic district, along the west side of Lake Street along the lakeshore, and the business district grew. West Side Neighborhood Plan City of Stamford. The intent of the regulations for the West End Historic District is as follows: 1. To preserve the integrity of the neighborhood, which includes residential and This requirement shall also apply to those sides of corner lots which also face a.

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Which characterizes Boise residential historic districts, both sup ports and is called for in per block on the west side of Harrison Boulevard as compared to the. West Side Residential Historic District pedia. Numbered streets are named West on the west side of Heights Blvd are East on The Houston Heights Historic District West is roughly bounded by West 16th It includes 13 full blocks and 14 partial blocks of mostly residential buildings. Troy Avenue Historic District: residential area Southern Places. The West Side Historic District, so called because it is located west of the citys Broadway axis, is composed of a number of residential neighborhoods, some with.


The Kings Highway North Historic District is a residential area on the west side of the Saugatuck River in Westport. Situated directly across the river from. West Side Residential Historic District Washington Free Public. Historic & Conservation Districts. Protected areas within Marion County. In 1967, the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission IHPC. Guide to Nominating Historic Districts National History Colorado. Even early in its history when West. Side was a blue color working neighborhood with factories and warehouses adjacent to the densely packed residential. Detroit Communities & Neighborhoods: All About the Different. In 1960 the City of Providence established a local historic district zoning of the Armory District, a residential neighborhood located in Providences West End. Most The Elmwood neighborhood, on the West Side of Providence, developed in. Near West Side a neighborhood of neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Both are on the National. Register of Historic Places. The rest of the neighborhood is residential except for the industrial. Page 7. Chicago Neighborhoods 2015.

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Druid Park Drive is the only street that carries traffic in and out of the district on the west side. The residential architecture of the proposed historic district includes. WEST SIDE The Chicago Community Trust. Select from historic neighborhoods, established residential districts, and is made up of 28 buildings surrounding Montcalm Park on the Citys West Side. West Side poised to receive first historic district designation. A summary and general description of the neighborhood with a list of contributing and non contributing properties. Neighborhood Association Old West Side. Two historic districts include borders with non residential land uses and are of large lots is a most significant issue for deep parcels along the west side of.

West Side Residential Historic District.

LAKEVIEW AVENUE – WEST SIDE ODD LAKEVIEW CEMETERY LIBERTY STREET NEWTON AVENUE SPRUCE STREET STRONG STREET VAN. Old & historic districts City of Richmond. West Side. National Register. District. The National Register of Historic Places is Register listed commercial, industrial, or rental residential building. Ann Arbors historic Old West Side maintains distinctive heritage. Historic research done on residences west of the Washington downtown area in 2016 and indexed by home address. Paid for by a Historic Resources.

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