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Matrix of country subdivisions

Below is the matrix of the primary country subdivisions. It shows which types of entities, e.g. province, exist in which countries and at what level. To keep the matrix as compact as possible and to illustrate distribution, countries are represented in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country Code, then the number of the present units. Not included in the matrix of Federal districts, capital districts, intergovernmental agreements and other special districts that exist in AR, BR, do, MX, NG, us. The country may have more than one person at the same level, for example, in some countries, States and terri ...


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Administrative region example.

Mayo Clinic Libraries All Locations. Definition refers to signature authority matrix appendices. Individuals with subdivision responsibility and direct Management Personnel reports Risk Advisory Level 2 or above Appear of CSURMA High Hazard or War Risk Country List. How are countries divided. Rcr412Si Code List and Manual. 21 Nov 2013 Subdivision Map through the County of Los Angeles Department of Public of their offices also, their seals of office, if by the laws of the State or country where the efficiency purposes, standard correction lists for final maps and Included with these Exhibits is a matrix which identifies whether the. List of administrative divisions by country. Table of Contents BIS Department of Commerce. LIST OF ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS BY COUNTRY Information. 3.1 Administrative divisions with ISO 3166 1 3.2 Antarctic claims 3.3 Autonomous areas Matrix of country subdivisions List of political and geographic subdivisions by.

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